Summer Garden Tour – 2015

Summer Garden Tour - 2015

For those of you that get bored with looking at flowers this probably isn’t the post for you.  But, I know I will enjoy looking at pictures of my summer garden tour when snow is covering my yard in the dead of winter :).  This tour is more of an up close view of what’s growing in my summer garden since the flowers steal the show.

Summer Garden Tour

Our Patriotic Front Porch

We have only been in our house two years now but since moving in we have taken down so many trees to let the sun in and planted many shrubs and flowers to add a contrast of colors to all the brown and green.  We still have a long way to go.  To see what my garden looked like in the spring, click here.

Summer Garden Tour - 2015

We do have a lot of shade still next to my house and garage but I am able to add color with hostas and hydrangeas.

Summer Garden Tour - 2015


Summer Garden Tour - 2015

Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite they were our wedding flowers and they so easy to grow and look beautiful in the summer.  We planted a whole row of Annabelle hydrangeas along our lane, AKA our driveway.

Summer Garden Tour - 2015

We have probably planted 30-40 since moving in.  I think I have added one to every garden bed on our property.

Summer Garden Tour - 2015

Summer Garden Tour - 2015

You can never have too many:).  They are still mostly pretty small but as they say in gardening, “the first year they sleep, second year they creep and third year they leap”.  Next year I am hoping will be my leap year especially for my trees and hydrangeas.

Summer Garden Tour - 2015

Daylilies are another favorite summer flower of mine.

Summer Garden Tour - 2015


They come is almost every color imaginable.

Summer Garden Tour - 2015

In our last house my next door neighbor was an avid gardener and she loved daylilies.

Summer Garden Tour - 2015

She introduced my to the “Day Lily Lady”  (a woman who owns a property less than an hour away that has at least an acre of every day lily imaginable).

Summer Garden Tour - 2015

Above is “Dance Ballerina Dance,” my favorite day lily.You go in July and pick out the ones you want and when it’s time to cut them down in the fall she divides them and you pick them up.

Summer Garden Tour - 2015

None of mine were more than $9. Right before we moved here I divided my daylilies at the Suburban Split to bring here.

Summer Garden Tour - 2015Some of the tags didn’t come over with me so I only remember a few of the names.  Believe it or not I have a few more but didn’t want to overwhelm you guys:).

Summer Home Tour - 2015

I planted them just to the left of our front walkway with some hydrangeas and a flowering Okame cherry tree where I can see them from my kitchen’s bay window.

Summer Garden Tour - 2015

Our Southern Magnolia southern magnolia is in this garden too.

Summer Garden Tour - 2015

We are also blessed to have raspberries already here.  My neighbor has also graciously let us take care of her raspberry patch since she is unable to anymore.  The kids love picked a basket for us as well as one for her.

Summer Garden Tour - 2015

We also planted 2 Winesap apple trees right after moving in.  This year we were finally blessed with 2 apples.

Summer Garden Tour - 2015

It is my dream that one day we will have enough to make our applesauce with instead of having to buy some.  I am hoping that now that our yard in completely fenced in it will help keep the deer out:), well see. I hope to have a large veggie/ herb garden started next year too.

Summer Garden Tour - 2015

We have been very busy fencing in for the furry guy above and taking out overgrown bushes in the back in order to regrade our yard to have time to have time for veggies and herbs yet.  I can’t wait to show you guys what the back of our house looks like later this week.  We are almost done.

DIY: Cedar post rail fence

There’s something magical about summer nights too.  We love sitting out at our stone patio fire pit and watching the sunset.

Summer Garden Tour - 2015

DIY : Stone Patio Fire Pit & Beam Benches

Or having a drink after putting the 2 youngest to bed on our new private deck of the kitchen….

DIY: Square Lattice Fence for Privacy

I know it takes a long time for gardens to really establish and mine is in the very beginning stages of that but I am excited to think about what it will look like someday. If you made it to the end then you probably love flowers too!  I would love to hear your favorites!


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Our Patriotic Front Porch

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  1. I made it to the end because I adore flowers as well. Here in NW NC no one’s hydrangeas are blooming – they didn’t last year either due to two very harsh, cold winters. How I miss my hydrangeas – I’m ready to go buy some bouquets. Daylilies are a fave also! I believe we could be neighbors and my Sam would love to sniff and snork with Moose!!!

    1. Ha Thanks Susan! Sorry that no hydrangeas are blooming near you. I would love to be neighbors with you and Moose would love that too:). Have a great week and take care, Tara

    1. Thanks Caitlin! We were lucky to have the raspberries already here. I am hoping for basketfuls of apples in a few years:). Thanks so much for stopping by to see my summer garden tour!!! Take care, Tara

  2. Your garden (and property) is beautiful, Tara!
    I love hostas, and couldn’t help but notice that you have several too :0) Loved seeing the ones that have clusters of pretty purple flowers towering over their full leaves. Beautiful!
    You’re so lucky to have so many hydrangeas! They’re one of my favorite cut flowers. I buy a bunch of them almost ever week from the Farmer’s Market to enjoy on our kitchen table.
    Thanks so much for coming by and taking the time to leave a comment on one of my most recent posts. It’s nice to find another fan of Sarah Addison Allen! I look forward to reading your recommendation!
    Wishing you a great week,

    1. Suzanne, thank you so much for your sweet comments about my garden and property and for visiting! Hostas really are great, they are indestructible:). I bet those hydrangeas look so pretty on your kitchen table. I was so excited to see one of my favorite books at Inspire Me Tuesday that I had to click through your link:). Hope you have a great week too. Take care, Tara

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. Your so right about hydrangeas, I have a very shaded property so I have a lot of them too and they grow HUGE! We never had deer until this year, and they have been destroying my yard. I think we will be adding a fence too!

    1. Amy, I am so sorry about the deer, they can be so frustrating. My next door neighbor hangs old CD’s in her yard (which isn’t fenced) and it seems to keep them away from even her veggies. Thanks so much for your sweet comments about my garden. Take care, Tara

  4. Tara, your garden is stunning! You’ve planted all of my favorites. I love how relaxing and peaceful your property is. I know the outside takes a completely different kind of sweat equity than the inside and your hard work is paying off. It’s gorgeous! Hugs, CoCo

    1. Thanks CoCo! I appreciate that you understand about the how different outside and inside work is:). Thanks so much for your sweet comments about our property. That means a lot. Take care, Tara

  5. I love all of those beautiful hydrangeas in your garden! I love all the different colors of them! Enjoy sitting on that beautiful patio!

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