Spray Paint Patio Furniture – Our Vintage Wrought Iron Patio Set

Spray Paint Patio Furniture - Vintage Wrought Iron Patio Set for less than $50!

With no money in our budget for new outdoor furniture I knew we had to be creative with what we already had.  Would you believe my neighbor asked me to help her put this patio set in the trash! I was more than happy to bring it home with me. For the last two years, I have been playing music chairs with this patio set moving it to about 10 different spots in our yard.  Now that our brick patio is almost done I knew exactly where we could put it :).   All I needed to do was give this set a little refresh and spray paint the patio furniture.

Spray Paint Patio Furniture

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With no money in the budget for outdoor furniture we had to get creative with what we already had. Stop by to see how we transformed our trash picked vintage patio set for less than $50! #furntiureredo #upcycle #patioset #spraypaint http://lehmanlane.net

Over time, the white enamel paint that was covering our patio set had started to rust and peel it’s paint.  I also didn’t love how much the white paint of this patio furniture stood out when it was in the yard.  It drew your eye to the imperfections of the furniture, not to the nature around it.  I wanted to paint the set a color that would blend in more with the landscape of our property.

Spray Paint Patio Furniture - vintage patio set before
Patio Set Before
Spray Paint Patio Furniture - before

We were so happy with how our dining room chandelier turned out that I wanted to paint our vintage patio furniture the same color, (Rust-Oleum 249131 11 oz Universal All Surface Spray Paint, Oil Rubbed Bronze Metallic).

Spray Paint Patio Furniture - oil rubbed bronze spray paint

I originally bought 4 cans of spray paint thinking that would be enough but had to go back to Lowes for 3 more :).  In total I used 6 1/2 cans.

I sanded off the peeling paint and rust as best as I could with a wire brush similar to this one, Purdy 140910200 Premium Wire Brush, 14 inch.

Spray Paint Patio Furniture - using a wire brush to remove chipping paint

After laying down an old sheet I started spray painting each piece one at a time.  The sheet was definitely not big enough and I wound up spray painting most of the floor on Jason’s side of our garage :).

Spray Paint Patio Furniture - spraying chair with oil rubbed bronze paint
Spray Paint Patio Furniture

The spray paint dries really quickly and I was able to bring the vintage patio set up to our brick patio in just a few hours.

Spray Paint Patio Furniture - Brick Patio

Since there is no room in our budget for outdoor furniture this year, I love that I was able to remake this patio set in just a few hours for under $50!

Spray Paint Patio Furniture for brick Patio

Now we have a spot to eat or play cards.

Spray Paint Patio Furniture

I hope to find an umbrella for the table soon.

Spray Paint Patio Furniture

It will be so nice to have a shady spot to sit until the trees completely shade the brick patio.

Spray Paint Patio Furniture
Spray Paint Patio Furniture

We are so close to being done this patio I can hardly wait to share the whole reveal with you guys!

Spray Paint Patio Furniture

Thanks so much for stopping by to see our refreshed patio set!


*Update, we finished out backyard Patio Makeover.  Check out the transformation, here

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  1. Hi Tara, I love the transformation! I did that last year to some pieces out back and wow, it’s like getting brand new again! Love the black too! Looks so chic!

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