Moving a Hot Tub with just 2 People

Moving a Hot Tub with just 2 People on pvc pipes

*updated 8/2019

We finally moved our 700 lb hot tub away from the center of our patio.  Although we love our hot tub, I have no idea why the previous owners decided to place it where they did.  With the deck down & the retaining wall built we knew it was finally time to get the hot tub out of there!  We had to move it about 4 feet back and then about 10 feet and up 6 inches to it’s cutout on the side of our patio.

Moving a Hot Tub with just 2 People

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We moved our 700lb hot tub with just 2 People & didn't even break a sweat! Stop by to see how we did it. #movingahottub #hottub

Jason started researching how to move a hot tub.  When my husband starts researching something it’s hard to distract him.  Oh boy!  Now, you have to understand, I just wanted to call everyone we knew and have them come help us move it.  But my husband, the man who likes to do everything himself :), started getting the idea that he could probably move it on his own with the help of his assistant (that would be me) & maybe a few kids.  You can imagine how these conversations went!  He convinced me he needed to test his plan of moving it even if he was going to have a bunch of guys over to make sure nobody would get hurt.

Moving a Hot Tub with just 2 People - before

There are definitely some interesting hot tub moving videos online 🙂 but a common idea (that doesn’t require 10 guys picking it up) is to roll it on some sort of pipe (steel, pvc, etc).  Jason went to Lowe’s and picked up 5 10′ sections of 1.5″ pvc pipe.

Moving a Hot Tub with just 2 People - hand cart pvc pipes

Using our hand cart Jason was able to pry one side of the hot tub off the ground enough for me to slide one of the pvc pipes through.  We did the same on the other side of the hot tub and then slid one through the middle.  The hot tub was now resting on 3 sections of pipe.

Moving a Hot Tub with just 2 People on pvc pipes

To aid us in pushing/pulling the hot tub Jason broke out his trusty power pull (Maasdam Pow’R Pull 144S-6 1 Ton Capacity Pow’R Pull USA Made).

This is the same power pull that helped us get the 400lb cast iron tub up our stairs (read that here).

How to Move a Cast Iron Bathtub - Tub hanging in the Stairway

Anyway, back to our hot tub!

He tightened some straps around the hot tub (Cartman Ratchet Tie Down, 4Pk 15Ft, 500Lbs Load Cap/ 1500Lbs Break Strength, Cargo Straps for Moving Appliances, Lawn Equipment, Motorcycle in a Truck, With Carry Bag) to give us something to latch onto.

Moving a Hot Tub with just 2 People - handcrank connected to tree

To go the first direction of 4 feet he ran some straps to and around a blue spruce that was behind our patio.  He hooked up the power pull in between and cranked it tight.

Moving a Hot Tub with just 2 People - using hand crank

To my amazement (& I think his too) it was rather simple to pull/push the hot tub with it rolling on the pvc pipe.  When we pushed far enough that on pipe came off the back we would just move it back to the front using the hand cart again to get it under if needed.

Moving a Hot Tub with just 2 People - ramp and moving pipes

When we had gotten it the 4 feet in the one direction it was time to switch things up.  Jason thought it would have been difficult to roll the hot tub into it’s final place and to get the pvc out from under the hot tub.  So instead of rolling the hot tub we decided to set the pvc parallel to the direction we were pushing it and just slide it on the pvc.  We kept 2 pvc pipes under the hot tub where it was resting.  Jason pulled out 3 2×6 boards to create a ramp that would allow us to get up the 6″ inches that we needed to get up.  We place the other 3 pvc pipes under the edge of the hot tub so that it could slide on them.

Moving a Hot Tub with just 2 People

We didn’t have a tree in the right place so Jason hooked the power pull up to a fence post that was cemented into the ground.  Again it was fairly easy to slide the hot tub on the pvc and pull it up the slight incline with the power puller and me (trusty assistant) giving it a shove now and then.

Moving a Hot Tub with just 2 People - almost there

Once we got the hot tub in right location Jason used the hand cart to pry up the sides of the hot tub and I was able to pull the pvc out from under it.

Moving a Hot Tub with just 2 People - after

Tada!!!  Much easier than I ever imagined it would be.

Our Plan for this Sunken Patio

Demo Deck

Save Brick from Previous Patio

Dig an 8 foot by 8 foot space for our Hot Tub

Build a retaining wall around the sunken patio

Move the Hot Tub

Level the Ground inside the Patio

Use Reclaimed Brick and Flagstone for the Patio Stone

Landscape around Sunken Patio

Bring the Outdoor Furniture Back and Decorate

Now we off to dig out and level this patio area before we can bring the brick back!  #almostdone


written with Jason’s help 🙂

*Update, our backyard patio is DONE!!!  Check out the full reveal here

We transformed the backyard of our farmhouse by taking down a deck and creating a sunken brick and flagstone patio. Back Patio Makeover - Final Reveal / sunken patio / brick patio/ farmhouse backyard / patio makeover/ diy
Back Patio Makeover

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