My Favorite Tool to Get Rid of Dandelions

My favorite tool to get rid of dandelions

Hi everyone!  I am just popping in to share my favorite tool to get rid of dandelions or really any other weed for that matter.  When I first started gardening I never heard of a dandelion puller.  If I found a dandelion I would try my best to get it out but would either make a big hole where it once was or I would just pull off the flower and more would grow back in its place.  But not any more!

My favorite tool to get rid of dandelions

My Favorite Tool to Get Rid of Dandelions

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I would really love to be rid of most of the weeds in my yard.  In order to stay on top of the weeds in our yard, I try to spend about 15 minutes a day pulling out our dandelions and other various weeds with my dandelion puller (similar to this one, Seymour 41035 Chrome Plated Dandelion Weeder, 13.25 x 1.25 x 1.25″).

Since our yard had been neglected for years there are many, MANY weeds greeting me each morning.  I do not like the idea of using chemicals in the grass and garden beds that my kids play in and we grow our food so any kind of chemical weed killer is just out of the question.  I have been slowly but surely taking care of the weeds in our yard with my handy dandy dandelion puller :).

My favorite tool to get rid of dandelions

When I spot the weed I want to pull I place the dandelion puller right next to the root of the weed.  Next, I push the dandelion puller down into the ground and slowly pull the root out.

My favorite tool to get rid of dandelions

It is unbelievable to me just how long some of these dandelions roots are.

My favorite tool to get rid of dandelions

No wonder they kept growing back when I tried to hand pull them before.  The dandelion puller also works great for other weeds including onion grass and also to loosen up rocks that are stuck in the soil.

My favorite tool to get rid of dandelions - onion grass

Each day, I walk around the yard with an empty bucket or pot and my dandelion puller and collect as many weeds as I can until the pot is full.

My favorite tool to get rid of dandelions

I know we will never get rid of every dandelion or weed but every year we do have less and our lawn and garden beds look better and better.  My goal is to get as many weeds out before they start to seed.   Our yard still has a long way to go but slowly we are getting there :).

My favorite tool to get rid of dandelions - our backyard

Thanks so much for stopping by to hear about my favorite gardening tool!  Do you have any favorites?


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    1. Thanks for stopping by to check out my post on getting rid of dandelions Cindy! You can find this tool on Amazon or most garden centers.

  1. You reminded me, after spending 10 minutes pulling flowers, that I have a dandelion puller in the toolbox in my garage. It’s still tough at 76 to bend down to the ground, but Thanks for reminding me to grab it and start using it.

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