I am a mom of four saved by grace who loves to create. I have been rearranging furniture, doing home craft projects, collecting antiques, shopping yard sales and flea markets, and digging in the dirt since I was a very little girl. Creating brings me so much joy, I can’t imagine being without a project to work on :). For more than 12 years my extremely handy husband and I have been fixing up our old houses as well as helping many friends and family do the same. I have had many stories to tell way before I started blogging about it!

A former dance major and thrift store worker I am now a stay at home mom and blogger. You can almost always find me covered in paint, hair up in a dancer’s bun, wearing my gardening boots. I love old houses, white paint, antiques, comfy chairs, pillows, and flowers everywhere inside and out.


Jason spent his summers growing up fixing up old houses with his dad who was a builder in Colorado.  An IT professional who moonlights as a DIY guy and the most even keeled guy I have ever met.  He refuses to buy anything he can make himself especially if it is made of wood.  Jason has a passion to remake furniture and I have yet to see him turn down anything free.    He is always up for going out to eat, cooking delicious food at home or saying up late to watch a movie or a marathon of TV shows with me and the kids.  Jason loves to play sports and coaches our sons soccer and basketball teams.  He is also extremely competitive and loves winning at board games whether he’s playing a 5 year old or 50 year old:).   Most importantly he is an incredible father and husband to the kids and I who loves God.

Please follow along with us as we renovate, decorate, garden, cook, and dance alongside our family and our crazy labradoodle in a century old farmhouse in Pennsylvania where we are making this house our own one DIY project at a time.  Our blog posts have been featured at the Huffington Post, House Beautiful, Hometalk, Thrifty Décor Chick and many other popular blogs.

Stop by to see our fall patio and see even more beautiful outdoor spaces from my friends! #fall #falldecor #falloutdoors #fallpatio http://lehmanlane.net