Our Favorite Mojito Recipe

Sharing our family's favorite mojito recipe #recipe http://lehmanlane.net

When the weather starts to warm up Jason and I enjoy making mojitos.  From what I have heard they have less calories than a glass of white wine.  So if you are watching your calories this might be the drink for you ;).

Sharing our family's favorite mojito recipe #recipe http://lehmanlane.net

Our Favorite Mojito Recipe

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In the summertime, we are lucky to have fresh mint growing along our front walkway so we never have run out to the store to get some.

Fresh mint along our walkway

We even bought a muddler like this one, (Winco Wooden Muddler, Lacquered Walnut) just to make mojitos!


*serves 1 glass*

– 1 1/2 oz White Rum

– 6 mint leaves or more  (our family really likes mint:)

– 1 oz Fresh Lime Juice

– 2 Teaspoons Sugar

– Club Soda

To Make

– Combine mint leaves, sugar and lime juice in your muddler.  Add the mint and the juice to your glass.

– Add your rum and club soda until your glass is filled.  Garnish with your mint leaves and serve with a straw or on the rocks (with ice).



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When the weather warms up my family enjoys making mojitos. Sharing our family's favorite recipe #recipe #cocktails http://lehmanlane.net


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