Fall Front Porch & Fall Outdoor Hop

Fall front porch - red bench rocking chair

Hi everyone!  If you are looking for some ideas and inspiration for decorating your fall front porch than you are in luck!  I am sharing our fall front porch along with 18 of my blogging friends sharing their fall outdoor décor too.  I have a confession to make, I never sweep my front porch in the fall.  I think the fallen leaves and cobwebs just add to the ambiance 🙂

Fall Front Porch

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Fall front porch - Farmhouse sign, entryway bench, rockers, cornstlaks, pumpkins and mums #fallfrontporch #fall farmhouse https://lehmanlane.net

Since improving the curb appeal of our farmhouse this past spring we have been spending a lot more time out front and this fall I wanted to celebrate that!  I didn’t hold back at all this year when it came to decorating our fall front porch.  From pumpkins, to cornstalks to mums, we have it all :).

Fall front porch - Farmhouse sign, bench, rockers, cornstlaks, pumpkins and mums

I added my favorite oak leaf wreath from Home Goods to the front.  Since we have 2 giant oak trees on our property it just feels right to add an oak leaf wreath.

Fall front porch - oak leaf wreath

I added cornstalks to both sides of my front door to give a more symmetric look to our fall front porch.  It drives me a little crazy that there is a window on one side but not the other.

Fall front porch - Farmhouse sign, bench, rockers, cornstlaks, pumpkins and mums
Fall Front Porch - red door and farmhouse light with cornstalk

The cornstalks even look good from the inside too.

Fall Front Porch - cornstlks through window in entryway

The white rockers help with the symmetry as well.  We love our new rockers!!!

Fall front porch - white rocking chair, concrete pumpkin, mums

There is something about a rocking chair that makes you want to stop and just rock, it’s wonderful.  With all the craziness of life we all need to rock a little more!  The red pillows are a little big but I found them on clearance and the red matches our front door really well 🙂

white rocker and concrete pumpkin

We also tried our best to make a concrete pumpkin this year.  I am happy with how he turned out I just wish I had filled the concrete a little higher so he didn’t have such a flat head :).

Fall front porch - concrete pumpkin

I brought out our pumpkin pillows to add to our entryway bench.  I can’t decide if I like them better inside or out or maybe I just need to order a few more :).  The small pumpkin pillow and blanket scarf were found on Amazon.

Fall front porch - red bench and pumpkin pillows

As I said in my Fall farmhouse tour, I have been looking for pumpkins for WEEKS now.

Fall Front Porch pumpkin

In the end I found some farmhouse ones at Trader Joe’s.

Fall Front Porch - Pumpkins
Fall Front Porch - red bench, rocker pumpkins, farmhouse sign
Fall Front Porch - red bench and pumpkins

I love the look of them stacked by the door and I added 2 to our cedar window box.

Fall Front Porch - window box
Fall Front Porch - window box with pumpkins

Living in Pennsylvania we get to truly enjoy all 4 seasons.  From our front porch, I love watching the leaves turn colors in our yard.

Fall Front Porch - side yard

It’s still a little early but it won’t be long for our trees to turn red, orange, purple and yellow.  Our apples are almost ready to pick.

Fall Front Porch - apple tree

Our giant pile of wood is ready for some big outdoor fires in our fire pit.

Fall Front Porch - wood pile

Some birds are flying south and some are just getting their nest ready for the cool of fall.


Meanwhile, our family is safely nesting inside our fall farmhouse.  My kiddos are growing up way too fast and I just want time to stop so we can sit and rock on the front porch :).

Fall Front Porch - red bench, mums and rocker
Fall front porch - Farmhouse sign, entryway bench, rockers, cornstlaks, pumpkins and mums #fallfrontporch #fall farmhouse https://lehmanlane.net
Fall Front Porch

Happy Fall Y’all!!!  Be sure to stop and see my friends fall outdoor tours!  You won’t be disappointed!


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Fall front porch & Fall Outdoor Hop - Farmhouse sign, entryway bench, rockers, cornstlaks, pumpkins and mums #fallfrontporch #fall farmhouse https://lehmanlane.net


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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by our fall front porch! We were really lucky to find the bench on Craigslist, I definitely want one for inside our farmhouse now :). I will follow your advice and order a few more pillows then!!! So glad you guys could join in this fall outdoor hop!!!

  1. Your front porch is perfectly decorated for fall, Tara! I love those adorable pillows. That’s awesome that you were able to find those pumpkins from Trader Joe’s. Luckily, I have a few nurseries around here that carries a large variety of pumpkins. I love how much space you have in your yard. That stack of wood is huge! I see lots of bonfires coming up. Happy fall! Can’t wait to check out all the tours this week. Thanks for organizing!

    1. Tee, I appreciate your sweet comments about my fall porch so much!!! We do love having fires around here but I doubt we will ever burn all that wood. Believe it or not we have another huge pile of wood that size on the other side of our farmhouse 🙂

  2. Love your front porch! The red bench and door are so fun. Nothing like pumpkins, cornstalks, and mums for fall! I have added them to my porch as well. Thanks for reminding me that I bought a concrete pumpkin like that at a boutique last year. I’m just adding a few touches of Halloween this weekend to the porch.

  3. Your porch is beautiful, Tara! Love those rockers… perfect for sipping a hot drink on those chilly evenings! Love the pictures of the wood pile and your yard ! Thanks so much for including me on this tour!! xo

  4. Your home is one of my favorites! It is perfectly suited for fall decor! I love how you decorated for the season! The corn stalks, pumpkin stack, and those adorable pumpkin pillows are my favorites!

  5. Tara,
    Love your fall porch. I studied every nook and cranny since I have a similar colored door it always stumps me on how to decorate it! Thanks for the all the great ideas and Autumn inspiration!

    1. Thanks Susan! It was so much fun decorating our front porch for fall. If it wasn’t for all the back to school craziness I think Fall might be my favorite season too 🙂

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