The Perfect DIY Farmhouse Entryway Bench for Our Small Front Porch

Sharing our new Farmhouse Entryway Bench

Sharing all the details of finding & refinishing the PERFECT farmhouse entryway bench for our small front porch with pictures on a budget.

I am so excited to share my new red farmhouse entryway bench with you guys!  

Farmhouse Entryway Bench for the Front Porch

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Sharing all the details of finding & refinishing the PERFECT farmhouse entryway bench for our small front porch with pictures on a budget. #entrywaybench #frontporch

A little over a week ago I saw this bench in a picture of a house that is for sale near our house & it was like a light bulb moment for me…talk about farmhouse entrance bench inspiration.  

Our new entryway bench

This was exactly what I had been looking for our farmhouse front porch!

So off I went to try & find one at a reason price… so it had to be less than the cost to make one!  

Cost of Front Entry Bench Seat (AKA Settle Bench, Deacon Bench or Quaker Bench)

For some reason this type of high back entryway bench (also called a settle bench, deacon bench, church bench or Quaker bench) is very expensive.  

It also looks similar to a small church pew.

The cheapest “new” version I found for sale was almost $500 & I found some well over a $1500 for vintage antique ones.  

What?!!!  And then I found this one on Craigslist (one of my favorite sites to shop for deals) for $100.  Woo Hoo!

You can find similar entryway benches from this google search.

Our new entryway bench

Now, the seller had already refinished the bench but the color scheme just wasn’t going to work for our farmhouse front porch.  

Sanding Down our Entryway Bench

We started to sand down the piece to see what kind of wood it was.

Our new entryway bench

Jason & I had been hoping for a pretty hard wood like oak but sadly no such luck we think it is pine.  

So probably not the over 50 year old bench the seller tried to indicate it was but the size and shape fit our front perfectly.  

Painting Our Entryway Bench Red

I painted the bench the same exterior red paint as the trim of our farmhouse so it would weather well in on outdoor front porch. 

The color is rustic red by Pittsburgh Paints.

Our new entryway bench

Although the wicker chairs & end table we had here great they did not fit the space well.  

Every time it rained the cushions got went & I always felt like our front entrance looked too crowded.  

Whereas Jason & I sat on these chairs a lot in our previous house we are almost always having our morning coffee on our kitchen deck.

Our new entryway bench

Our new red entryway bench actually fits under our very small overhang & I love how simple & functional it is. 

Perfect for the kids to sit & pose for their back to school pictures & for me to sit & watch them playing in our driveway.

Our new entryway bench

Now, I am not saying I am done with our front porch.  

I can’t wait till we can add some trim around the windows & doors & our plan is change out the tan/grey siding for white but I am loving the look of our new entryway bench.

I hope this inspires all the entryway bench ideas for your home.

by Tara Lehman

We have made a few more changes to our Farmhouse Front Porch as part of a Curb Appeal Challenge,

It is so much fun decorating our new entryway bench with pillows & blankets for the different seasons!!!

Fall front porch - Farmhouse sign, entryway bench, rockers, cornstlaks, pumpkins and mums

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We found the perfect entryway bench for our farmhouse front porch! #bench #frontporch

Curb Appeal Reveal – Farmhouse Front Porch

Christmas Front Porch

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    1. Thanks Deb! I was really lucky to find it for a reasonable price and only 20 mins from home!!! Good luck on your hunt if you decide you need one:).

  1. A while back my recommendation was….make friends with the RED…well you have done a GREAT JOB! I love it…and I love the looks of the front of the house. ENJOY the coming weekend!

    1. How could I forget Karen! Thanks so much for encouraging me to do so!!! And thank you for your sweet comment about my RED bench:). I hope you are having a fun holiday weekend, take care, Tara

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting about my new fall entryway bench Julie! I hope you are having a great holiday weekend. Take care, Tara

  2. Wow what a find !
    It looks gorgeous painted to match your entry way and who really cares if it’s old or not – it was meant to be in YOUR entry way obviously !!!
    I’m a big CL shopper myself 🙂
    Beautiful find – and a beautiful makeover !

  3. HI Tara, I love your new Entryway Bench Makeover and the colors are fabulous. I really loved the cute pictures of you kids too with their goals for the future. Adorable!! Sharing on my Fb page later too. Thanks so much for sharing at our Something to Talk About Link Party 33 this week. Have a great day, Lisa at Concord Cottage

    1. Hi Lisa! Thank you so much for stopping by to see my bench and for sharing it! That is incredibly sweet of you:). Thanks so much for hosing Something to talk about. I hope you have a great rest of your week. Take care, Tara

  4. Tara, that pink is divine, and I love the little portraits of your kids. How precious! Please come on over and share at Five Star Frugal? Love Mimi xxx

    1. Mimi, thank you so much for your sweet comments about my bench. Thanks so much for inviting me to five star frugal, I will definitely be by to check it out:). Take care, Tara

  5. Love your bench and that color!! I just sold mine on craigs list for $15. I had no idea they were that expensive. Love yours! Great find! Visiting from Treasure Hunt Thursday!

    1. Hi Cheryl, thank you so much for stopping by to check out my entryway bench. Sorry you didn’t get a higher price for yours. I hope you have a great weekend. Take care, Tara

  6. Just popping by to say thank you so much for joining in on my Making Broken Beautiful party last week! What a beautiful family to go with your new bench! (I hope the whole ninja thing works out! ) I hope you will come share again this week!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments Terry! Last year he wanted to be a transformer so now we are at least moving towards careers that are possible:). Take care, Tara

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