Incredible 8 Foot Long DIY Pallet Desk for $50

DIY - Pallet Desk

Sharing all of our tips & tricks for how to make a DIY Pallet desk with a tutorial & pictures. Our DIY pallet desk was easy to make, cost less than $50, looks fantastic & is 8 feet long in a budget!!!

Check out how easy it is to make a DIY pallet wood desk top that is 8 feet long for your home office today!

How to Make an 8 Foot Long DIY Pallet Desk for 2 People

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Sharing all of our tips & tricks for how to make a DIY Pallet desk with a tutorial & pictures.   Our DIY pallet desk was easy to make, cost less than $50, looks fantastic & is 8 feet long in a budget!!! #palletprojects #palletdesk #8footdesk

I knew it wouldn’t be long before my husband came up with another DIY project to make with Pallet wood.

Jason has needed a home office computer desk for years now since he started working from home & I have never been able to talk him into buying one.

We decided to make our pallet desk a double desk so that more than one person could work on it & we could place our diy homemade pallet desk under one of the windows in our basement office/ home gym

Supplies & Tools Needed for a 8 Foot Long DIY Pallet Desk

The DIY pallet desk we made is 8 feet long by 18 inches deep so it could fit perfectly between our side wall & bump out.

  • 2 pallets
  • (4) 2 by 3’s for the desk frame & screws or nails to keep it together
  • Hammer & Nails
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • 3″ screws to attach the pallet desk to the wall & attach the desk legs
  • Pin Nailer
  • sand paper/ or an orbital sander
  • 2 Table Legs for the front of the DIY pallet desk

Step by Step Instructions for How to Build an 8 Foot Long Pallet Desk

We built a built in pallet desk for our basement. It cost less than $50 to make and it is the perfect size to hold 2 computers and our printer. #office #palletprojects #workspace#builtindesk #desk

Step ONE – How to Take Apart the 2 Pallets Safely to Get Pallet Wood

We used 2 pallets to make our 8 foot long DIY pallet desk. 

First, Jason took apart the pallets and cut them down to use as pallet wood for the top, front and sides of the desk. 

To read more about how we take apart a pallet fast & safely (find that HERE)

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Step TWO – Make a 8 Foot Long Desk Frame with 2 by 3 Boards

Next, create a floating desk frame with 2 by 3’s nailed together.

Making a frame for a pallet desk
Making a frame for the pallet desk

Step THREE – Attaching the Pallet Wood to the 8 Foot Long Desk Frame

The reclaimed pallet wood was then attached around the 2 by 3 pallet desk frame first to the front and sides with a pin or finish nailer in order to hide the 2 by 3 wood.

Attaching pallet wood to the front of the Pallet desk

Next the pallet wood was added to the top of the wood desk top in a staggered manner making sure the ends of the board landed on one of the 2 x 3 boards in the frame.

Pallet wood on top of pallet desk frame

Step FOUR – Sanding Down 8 Foot DIY Pallet Desk

Pallet wood has so much character to it and in my opinion looks beautiful. 

Jason sanded the pallet wood smooth with our favorite 15 year old orbital sander, DEWALT DWE6423K Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander, 5″

This sander has definitely stood the test of time for sanding down all of MANY wood projects!!!

Top of Pallet wood desk

We decided the wood looked perfect after it was sanded and decided not to stain the wood.

DIY Pallet Desk
DIY Pallet Desk

Step FIVE – Attaching the Pallet Desk to the Wall & Adding the Legs

Jason attached the 8 foot long DIY pallet desk to the basement wall at the studs with 3″ screws. 

To support the front of the pallet desk and make the desk look a little more formal we added 2 painted white table legs from Lowes to both sides on the front corners. 

These were attached to the 2×3 frame with 3″ screws as well. 

At less than $20 each they seemed like a bargain to us verses having to cut, sand and paint legs of our own.

DIY Pallet Desk - leg
DIY Pallet Desk leg closeup

In total, our pallet desk cost less than $50 to make using FREE pallet wood. 

A FANTASTIC value for an 8 foot wide double wood computer desk!

DIY Pallet Desk
DIY Pallet Desk

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Lastly, Jason drilled a hole through the top of the pallet desk for the computer and monitor cords to go through. 

Jason loves using his forstner drill bits (found here PORTER-CABLE PC1014 Forstner Bit Set, 14-Piece)  in furniture making because the bits allow for drilling a nice clean hole every time.

Tips for Smart Cord Management for a Long Pallet Desk

Under the pallet desk we drilled  3″ screws into the 2 by 3 frame to wrap the cords around and keep them off the ground and hidden from view.

DIY Pallet Desk - smart cord management

We also added a few screws to hold up the power strip as well under our 8 foot long DIY pallet wood desk.

DIY Pallet Desk - smart and neat cord management

He now finally has a office desk at home after well over a decade. 

Now to just find him 2 comfy desk chairs!

For now we are using 2 white chairs from Ikea that we borrowed from our farmhouse dining room.

DIY Pallet Desk

Our DIY Pallet desk gets a ton of use & is still looking as pretty as the day we installed it.

This DIY pallet desk has really come in handy now with having 4 kids doing school at home & Jason & I working from home.

We still have a lot more pallets in our garage for more DIY pallet projects that we will be sharing with you soon. 

I hope this inspires you & answers all your questions about how to make a diy pallet desk that is 8 foot long!

by Tara Lehman

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We built an awesome pallet desk for our basement. It cost less than $50 to make and it is the perfect size to hold 2 computers & printer. #palletprojects #office #workspace #builtindesk #desk

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  1. Thank you guys I made this desk over the weekend but painted it beachy style. Perfect for our spare room. I liked your post easy to follow, not all the waffle to sortthrough looking for the the dimensions etc. I ended up using leftover 2x3s for legs as my saved table legs were too short. But love it.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by to check out our pallet desk Angela! How awesome that you made one for your spare room! I hope you will enjoy it for many years to come!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by to check out our pallet desk Anna & I am excited to hear you are going to make one of your own! We used (4) 2 by 3 boards to make the pallet wood desk.

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