How to Make a Fence – Cedar Post And Rail Fence

DIY: Cedar post rail fence

Soon after we moved into our old farmhouse we put up a cedar privacy fence along the front of our property on our very busy street and now it is finally time to share how to make a fence for the back of the house.

How to Make a Fence – Cedar Post and Rail Fence

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DIY How to Make a Cedar Post and Rail Fence #diy #fence

We had hoped to some day have the whole property fenced in but because our house backs up to a col de sac and a park so it wasn’t a big priority until now.  Moose our newest four legged furry family member is the most outgoing guy in our house.  He insists on greeting everyone he sees regardless of whether they are in our yard or not:).  So after Moose crashed the neighbors teenage girls pool party Thursday night we decided to move the fence back to the top of the to do list.

Cedar Post and Rail Fence

While we have an amazingly large front and side yard we have a very funky back yard where in some spots we only own about 5 -6 feet behind the house so we also didn’t want to completely destroy our view with a big fence.  Since we used cedar in the front we wanted to stay consistent but we didn’t want to spend the money or completely close off the back (plus there was already a ton of privacy bushes that I definitely need to trim:) from our neighbors so we decided on a cedar post and rail fence.

Cedar Post and Rail Fence

After finding the property markers we strung a line from one side to another and Jason hand dug the holes for the posts and cemented all of them in.

Cedar Post and Rail Fence

There is a lot of controversy over what kind of posts to use… cedar or pressure treated.  I wanted to use pressure treated because it’s cheaper but we stayed with cedar because Jason really likes the look and the pressure treated ones available at Home Depot were very green.  Some people say pressure treated will last longer in the dirt so we cemented each post in to keep the moisture away from the wood.  *4/2020 update, we have had 2 posts rot after almost 7 years & switched them for pressure treated.

We dug down as far below the frost line as we could.  I have never had such rocky soil in my life!!!  Every shovel full of dirt is equally full of rocks.

Cedar Post and Rail Fence
Cedar Post and Rail Fence

We had the older two boys help with measuring the posts and pre-drilling the boards.  Even Moose tried to help…little did he know he would soon be losing his freedom:).

Cedar Post and Rail Fence

We then ran (3) 8 foot cedar boards across each post every 16″ and screwed the boards in with exterior screws.

Cedar Post and Rail Fence

We went back and straightened out a few of the boards so they didn’t look so up and down with our yard being so uneven.

Cedar Post and Rail Fence

Jason went back and trim down the posts to 3 inches above the top cedar board.

DIY: Cedar post rail fence

We still have to fence in the other side of our yard next but for now it is nice to have almost a whole acre fenced.  I can’t wait to tackle landscaping the back of our house too.  We want to put a door in, take our a few of the overgrown bushes so they are not covering the windows and add some trees and a path back there.

DIY: Cedar post rail fence

What do you guys think of the cedar post and rail fence?  Moose isn’t so sure he likes it yet:).  It’s definitely hurting his social calendar but for now anyway it’s keeping him contained!

DIY: Cedar post rail fence


*Our Cedar Post & Rail Fence is Finished!!! To read all about how we did it, check it out here

how to build a cedar post & rail fence - Back of our farmhouse with cedar post and rail and lattice fence #fence #diy #howtobuildafence

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    1. Thanks Susan!!! He has just started to dig but so far he has kept that to hiding stuffed animals, gardening gloves and the occasional bone:). We are praying that he doesn’t figure that out as an escape plan!!! Hope you have a great week and take care, Tara

    1. Hi Jami! Thanks so much for your sweet comments about our new fence:). I enjoy your garden party so much thank you for hosting it! Have a great rest of your week and take care, Tara

  1. LOL! You had me at “Moose Containment”! So funny!
    I cant belive y’all put in that fencing yourselves! Amazing!
    I just love your beautiful big house and yard!
    Thanks for sharing at Something to Talk About.

    1. Hi Karen! Thanks so much for your sweet comments about the fence! We were definitely in a hurry to keep our crazy puppy contained:). Thanks so much for your great link party! Have a great rest of your week and take care, Tara

  2. What a great job and a big one. Whew, I’m exhausted….you guys did a great job. Poor Moose, no more parties for him….
    Moose looks like a great dog…..

    1. Hi Nancy Thank so much for taking the time to read and for your sweet comments about our new cedar fence! Yes Moose is a great dog…he just loves to get into trouble:). Have a great rest of your week and take care, Tara

    1. Ha! Hi Deb! So fun to meet another PA blogger! Thanks so much for your sweet comments about our home! Take care and have a great weekend, Tara

  3. At first I thought you were containing a real moose, Hahaha! I love the fence and wish you’d come build one around our property. It looks fabulous!

    1. Hi Lani, Sometimes our new puppy seems like he would be as much work as a real Moose, lol:). Thanks so much for your sweet comments about our fence and for stopping by! Have a great weekend and take care, Tara

  4. Wow! It is so impressive that you have almost an acre fenced in! What a feeling of accomplishment, and a sense of relief that Moose won’t crash any more parties. :). Thanks for linking up at our new Dream. Create. Inspire. link party. Hope to see you back this Tuesday night!!

    1. Hi Jenny, Thanks so much for your sweet comments and for coming to see our new cedar fence! I was so excited to link up to your first party! I will definitely be back this week:). Take care, Tara

  5. Tara, I love this fence!! Wanting to build one similar. Do you recall the board sizes? (4×4 posts, 2×6 boards?)

  6. Beautiful fence! I am curious why you put the wire fence on the outside of the rails as opposed to between the rails and posts? Was that on purpose?

    1. Thank you for stopping by to check out our cedar post & rail fence Scott! We put the wire on the outside because it was easier to unroll with the prickly holly bushes we have running along the fence in the back of our farmhouse.

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