Stone Walkway around our Farmhouse

flagstone and stone walkway along the back with a hosta garden

I am a bare feet in the summer, slippers in the winter kind of a girl :).  The last thing I want to do when I am taking our crazy dog out is get my feet or my cozy slippers wet or muddy.  Well, no more we FINALLY have a walkway all around our farmhouse!  Woot Woot :).  This DIY project was a long time in the making.  Here’s one view of the back when we started.

walkway along the back of the farmhouse overgrown

Ever since we bought our home I have been dreaming of having a walkway path that would go all around our home and it is finally done.  We were fortunate to have a few paths started for us but the back was never done.

Taking down the shrubs along the back walkway

While we appreciated the privacy the of the shrubs but they had become overgrown and made it impossible to walk along the back of our home.  We took down what bushes we could but we were nervous to take down the pear tree because it was so close to the house.  FYI that’s not Jason in the pear tree :).

talking down a tree to make a walkway

Last year we finished putting the post and rail cedar fence around the back of our farmhouse for Moose and we have been left with a muddy mess after taking down a bunch of bushes.  Just to remind you this is what the back of our farmhouse looked like last year.

Cedar Post and Rail Fence

And here’s how it looks today, much better!

Back ofour farmhouse with cedar post and rail fence, dogwood allee and new walkway

The kids were such great helpers on this project with taking down the bushes, pulling the weeds and helping me level the ground and shovel out the dirt.

DIY: Post & Rail Fence - Moose Containment Done

back walkway cleared and leveled

Orange Crush is a staple for my husband when he’s doing heavy yard work.  🙂  I try to tell him it’s not quenching his thirst but it makes him keep going.  He calls it his orange juice.

After everything was leveled and weeded we laid down landscaping fabric and secured the fabric with pins.  We had some extra Belgian block around the yard that we were able to re-use for the edging.  If you are laying edging just make sure it is laid on top of the fabric and wrap the fabric up behind it.  This will help keep dirt and weeds out of your path.

landscape fabricand flagstone stepping stones

The flagstones we used were a part of an overgrown weedy path that no one was using and the boys helped me lay them out to make a path.

We filled the gaps in with some Quikrete River Pebbles that we purchased in bags from Lowes.

flagstone pavers and stone walkway

I don’t know why our farmhouse has so much nice stone just laying around but I am not complaining :).

stone and flagstone walkway along the back of the farmhouse

stone walkway along the back of our farmhouse with a dogwood allee and cedar post and rail fence

We also added a dogwood allee along the back of our farmhouse to help shade the back and give a little privacy and year round interest.  We chose to plant dogwood trees because they are native to Pa, don’t get very large and they are slow growers and therefore easy to train.  They have pretty flowers in the spring and turn a gorgeous red in the fall.

We tried to have the back walkway match our walkway on the side of our house that was already here when we moved in.

Summer Garden Tour & Outdoor Spaces Blog Hop

The flagstone also mimics the flagstone path along the front of our farmhouse.

Curb appeal hop week 2 - landscaping the front

Even though this was a ton of work I am so happy with how the walkway along the back of our farmhouse.

Back of our farmhouse with cedar post and pail and latttice fence

We even left a little room for a small garden.  I filled it with hostas now but I hope to add herbs and a clematis vine next year.

flagstone and stone walkway along the back with a hosta garden

Eventually one of the kitchen windows (the fifth from the left above) will become a door so that you can walk out of the kitchen to the family room patio.  Yay, I can’t wait!!!

flagstone and stone walkway along the back of our farmhouse

Thanks so much for stopping by to check out our walkway around our farmhouse!  I hope this inspires you to create one for your home,


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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your sweet comments about our new walkway Lynn! My kids are growing up way too fast!!! Have a great week too, Tara

  1. You guys did a wonderful job with the walkway. It’s awesome that you guys reused some of the stone lying around your farmhouse. I bet you can’t wait to tear down that kitchen window and make it into a door leading to the outside!

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