DIY: Post and Rail Fence – Moose Containment Done.

DIY: Post & Rail Fence - Moose Containment done

If you have been following along at all you would have met Moose our 8 1/2 month labradoodle who likes to greet and play with everyone and everything he sees.  Big, small, furry, feathered, friendly or not he would like to meet and probably sniff and lick you:).  We have questioned our naming him Moose but his name definitely fits him.

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DIY – Post & Rail Fence

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In order to keep Moose contained we have been fencing in our yard.  We had fenced in the front of our yard and some of the sides when we first moved in for privacy and safety for the kids.  You can read about that here.  Our previous dog Adam was trained to stay in our yard and as he got older the closer he stayed to the house so we never worried about him going on an adventure.  Well, Moose is very different:).  So this spring we started to finish the fence which is not a small task when you are talking about an acre and the back of our yard has a very funky property line.  To read about starting the back post and rail fence click here.

DIY: Cedar post rail fence

Last week I shared about how we created some square lattice along the back fence to create privacy.  You can read more about that here.

DIY: Lattice Fence for Privacy

Well, now we are officially done.  Whoop whoop.  After figuring out our property line Jason and I started digging the holes for the posts.  We switched to pressure treated because of the cost (almost $20 less a post) and they came in 6 foot lengths so no need to cut the tops off.

DIY: Post & Rail Fence - Moose Containment Done

Of course we had plenty of help:).

DIY: Post & Rail Fence - Moose Containment Done


DIY: Post & Rail Fence - Moose Containment Done

We had a lot of overgrown bushes to take down to make room for the fence.

DIY: Post & Rail Fence - Moose Containment Done

Here is a before of those bushes.  They had grown so big that we couldn’t walk behind them and they were touching the house.  We want to change out the one window for a door in the future so we can get to the back of our house easier.Cedar Post and Rail Fence

At some point one of the previous owners had allowed the dirt level to slope towards the house.  (no wonder every time it rained we had water in our basement).  The roots of the bushes and dirt were growing under our siding.  So we have been regrading the whole back of our house.  Jason added a pressure treated board between the fence posts to hold the dirt back from our neighbors yard and we have taken out easily 50 wheel barrel loads of dirt and rock.  Jason also rerouted the downspout to have the water run away from our house.  I am happy to report since we started this process I have had zero water in my basement.

DIY: Post & Rail Fence - Moose Containment Done

To give you an idea of how high the dirt level was it was up to the bottom of the AC unit in the pic above and below.  We didn’t want to mess with lowering the unit with all the wires and copper pipes going into the house so Jason cut some pressure treated boards to keep the dirt under it.

DIY: Post & Rail Fence - Moose Containment Done

We haven’t finished regrading yet but have laid landscape fabric down in the areas that we have leveled out.  We plan on adding stone all along the back of the house to keep the dirt level the same.  We did add a line of dogwood trees every 15-20 feet along the back of the house to help soften the back and give the back some much needed shade.

DIY: Post & Rail Fence - Moose Containment Done

Jason added a gate too.

DIY: Post & Rail Fence - Moose Containment Done

DIY: Post & Rail Fence - Moose Containment Done

Although we did take down a bunch of bushes we decided to keep this row of arborvitaes and we added a green wire fence behind it so Moose could not get loose:). It is so nice to let him out my kitchen door and not worry that he is off on an an adventure, he’s exactly where he needs to be in our yard.

DIY: Post & Rail Fence - Moose Containment done

Thanks so much for stopping by to see our post and rail fence!


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  1. We are amazed! What a work team! Were you dreaming of completing this project in you sleep? A big job well done Jason. One very lucky dog….

    1. Bev, thank you so much! Jason definitely worked so hard. We are both incredibly thankful to be done this fence and I think Moose is too:). I hope you had a great weekend. Take care, Tara

  2. Where did you find the square lattice? I have checked both Lowe’s and home depot in my area and neither one sells it.

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