How to Clean Wool Rugs for FREE with Snow

Snow Cleaning: How to Clean Wool and Oriental Rugs for FREE

Have you ever wanted to snow clean rugs?  I started snow cleaning my rugs about eight years ago after reading an organic cleaning book and I have been cleaning my rugs this way ever since.  Wool and antique Oriental rugs are the best!!!  I only buy wool rugs because 1) patterned rugs hide stains super well, 2) they don’t hold onto smells like other rugs do, 3) the rugs last forever (we have some 10+year wool rugs that still look brand new), 4) they never go out of style and 5) they are really easy to clean and it is FREE!!!  Have I convinced you yet:)?

The one down side is you need SNOW.  But for a lot of us… especially those of you in New England and the Midwest that’s not really hard to find right about now!  The other downside is your neighbors MIGHT think you are a little strange:).  I say this only because many a car would slowdown and stare when the kids and I were outside jumping up and down on our rugs in the middle of winter in our Suburban Split.  Jason was also known to hide inside behind the curtains while we were doing this other than to help me bring the rug in or out:).  Thankfully no one can see me in the yard of our new house.

Lastly this way of cleaning is totally green!!! No chemicals or harsh fumes!!!  This way to clean rugs also works really well for antique rugs as well.

Snow Cleaning: How to Clean Wool and Oriental Rugs for FREE

How to Snow Clean Rugs

Here’s what you do:

1) Vacuum your wool or oriental rug.  This helps to get off any crumbs that might fall off on the way outside.

2) Take your rug outside and lay it upside down in the snow. (A nice dry fluffy snow is the best).  Grab a buddy for a really big rug.

Snow Cleaning: How to Clean Wool and Oriental Rugs for FREE

3) Jump, walk, skip, or hop all over your rug. Even puppies can help:).   If you have a lot of rugs to clean you may be able to forgo the gym that day!  Win, Win!  I make sure to go over the same spots over and over spending a few minutes on each rug.  If you have kids it will go even quicker and they think it’s fun!

4) Bring the rug back in and take a nap;).  If the snow is really dry the rug won’t be damp at all and you can immediately put you furniture back on it.

Snow Cleaning: How to Clean Wool and Oriental Rugs for FREE

Last tip,  I NEVER pay full price for my rugs.  I will buy them on sale from Pottery Barn or Overstock or from yard sales or Craigslist.  This is great way to CLEAN a rug that you bought used!  For more tips on buying used furniture check out my other post about how I buy things on Craigslist.   Happy Thursday everyone!!!  P.S.  It’s Almost Friday, which means it’s ALMOST the weekend!  More snow’s on the way next week if you want to try this out:).  Or you could make a Valentine’s book page wreath instead!


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  1. I saw this, and thought… hmmm very interesting. But this morning my dog threw up (sorry for the TMI) on our rug, and although it’s not wool – I figured I’d give it a try (we have WAY too much snow right now anyways). It’s outside “drying” so I’ll let you know how it turns out!

    (And by drying I mean that it’s pitch dark out and I can’t tell if it’s clean or not)…

    1. Ha Nicole! We have always had dogs so I have been there girl! I never tried a non wool rug this way but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work other than taking a little while longer to dry:). Keep me posted! Hope you have a better day today, take care, Tara

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