Gardening on a Budget: Free Mulch from the Township

Gardening on a Budget - Free Mulch from the Township

One way we garden on a budget is by getting free mulch from our township.  They have a program where they take everyone’s weekly yard waste and make it into compost.  They then make this available to residents through various self serve piles in different locations.

Free Mulch from the Township

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Free Mulch from the Township - yard waste pile

Because we’ve been clearing out our yard we currently have a large pile of yard waste that we’ve been slowly developing.

Free Mulch from the Township - truck filled with brush

We load the truck up and take it to the compost facility.

Gardening on a Budget - Free Mulch from the Township - Free Mulch from the Township

Free Mulch from the Township - truck filled with mulch

We drive the truck to the compost location, the guy with the loader dumps a bucket full into the back bed, and I come home with a load of compost.  You can also have a trash can filled with mulch if you don’t have a truck to pick it up.  Below is a pic from our summer garden tour.

Summer Garden Tour - front of farmhouse

We have used this compost as a mulch for the last eight years and it is awesome.  It’s free!  It has worked great as a mulch and definitely has some nutrients that help our plants grow well and get established.  The downside is that does have some weed seeds that survive the composting process but I think the good way outweighs the bad.  It’s also very green…this compost has never left our township! 🙂  I would encourage everyone to be more green by checking out if your township gives free compost.


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