3 Privacy Plants for Shade

3 Privacy Plants for Shade

We have been working on adding more privacy plants for shade to the front of our property.  As they say in the gardening world, fall is for planting 🙂 so we decided to take advantage of cooler temperatures and do just that!  Because the road we live on is quite busy and the kids and Moose (our dog) play outside A LOT it was important to us to not only have more privacy but also have the front of our property look pretty.  We also were hoping to lessen the noise of the large mac trucks that regularly drive on our street.  Yikes!

3 Privacy Plants for Shade

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Our front is fairly shady due to some very tall pine trees and a very old maple tree so we knew we had to chose plants that were happy with some shade.  We live in planting zone 6 and I would say that this site is part sun to part shade.  Our soil is also very acidic thanks to all the pine needles so we made sure the plants we bought can handle acidic soil.

Here are 3 Plants that we have found would do well planted in the shade!

1) Skip Laurel

3 Privacy Plants for Shade -Skip Laurel

The is HANDS DOWN one of my favorite evergreen plants!  It has dark shiny leaves and it has white flowers in the spring as well as dark berries in the fall.  It can be planted in full shade or full sun so it is very versatile.  It’s a perfect understory shrub that is very dense.  It grows 10 -12 feet tall by half as wide.  We have since planted them all along the outside of our fence and even a few on the inside.  They are not terribly cheap so we chose our spots very carefully.  We planted the skip laurels every other fence post or every 16 feet.

3 Privacy Plants for Shade

2) Prairie Fire Crabapple Tree

3 Privacy Plants for Shade Crabapple Tree

We loved the idea of lining our property with pretty flowering deciduous trees.  This type of Crabapple is great because it doesn’t get terribly tall or wide only (15-20 feet wide and tall).  It also does not need full sun which is a bonus.  It turns a beautiful dark pink in spring and orange in the fall. It also has red crabapples that stay on the tree well into winter.  I love seeing the red contrasting with the snow.  We have since planted 5 of these trees, 3 of which we planted our first fall here and they are growing splendidly.  I found these at Lowes for less than $30 each for a 5-6 foot tree.  We placed our crabapples in between every skip laurel alternating them down the fence.  Below is a picture of our tree blooming this past spring before we planted the skip laurels.

3 Privacy Plants for Shade Crabapple

3) Allegheny Viburnum

3 Privacy Plants for Shade

This semi-evergreen shrub grows over 10 feet tall and wide.  It also likes to be planted in part sun.  It has white flowers and well as red berries.

3 Privacy Plants for Shade

I am not going to lie this plant was an absolute beast to put in! This guy flanks our driveway entrance opposite our giant old Maple tree so it was important to us to plant something pretty with year round interest.  We really wanted to get a plant that would give us instant privacy so we bought a BIG one. Jason was determined to save the $50 delivery fee so we brought this one home ourselves.  Against the advice of our local nursery I might add :).  We rolled it off our truck using plywood and tarps and rolled and pulled and pushed it into it’s massive 5 foot wide 3 foot deep hole!  Fun times:).

3 Privacy Plants for Shade

Overall, I am really happy with the privacy plants we chose to place along the front.  I really like how they all have year round interest and it will be fun to watch them grow and slowly create a privacy fence for us.

3 Privacy Plants for Shade

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  1. We are finally in our new home, the sod is in and fences are up; we had some landscaping done but with it being so late in they year to plant trees we have to wait for Spring, thank you for your insight and suggestions, they are on my Nursery/Landscape Wants list. First visit to your site, found you on DIY. 🙂 really like your site.

    1. Hi Maggie, Congrats on your new home and good luck with your landscaping this spring! Thanks so much for your sweet comments about my site. Take care, Tara

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