From Closet to Boys Bedroom – Tucker’s Room Part 1

om Closet to Kids Bedroom

So we finally began remodeling Tucker’s room and it has been so much fun!!!  When we moved in our house we knew we needed another bedroom but we weren’t sure if remodeling the master closet was the way to achieve that.  It took Jason and I a long time trying to decide the best way to go about this but a little more than a year later and we believe that this is the way to go.  We wanted the three boys to be together and our closet shared walls with both older boys bedrooms so the location was perfect!

Here is how the room looked when we moved in:

From Closet to Kids Bedroomom Closet to Kids Bedroom

Jason first took down all the closet walls expect one… for Tucker. The room turned out to be huge!!! 8 x 20!

om Closet to Kids Bedroomom Closet to Kids Bedroomom Closet to Kids Bedroom

He patched the walls and he added a bead board ceiling.  Jason added extra strips of wood to help hold up the bead board… we will paint those white later.  The boards were really heavy to hold up and gluing and screwing the sides was not enough to hold them.  It was way more work than we originally thought… Unfortunately that is often the case when remodeling but the ceiling looks great and in the end only cost about $200! We replaced the ugly fluorescent lights and replaced it with a lighted ceiling fan and we got lucky when we found a hidden air conditioning and heater duct. Score! So thankful we don”t have to add more duct work to the room or call an HVAC guy:)!

From Closet to Kids Bedroom

We then painted the walls our favorite light cool tan, Sherwin Williams Kestral White.  Jason started building bunk beds for Tucker.  It will be great to have an extra bed when family and friends come and stay!  Tuck keeps talking about his two beds… he’s so excited!  We will paint the bunk beds navy blue.  Here they are:

From Closet to Kids Bedroom

Our over 100 year old pine wardrobe fits perfectly in one of the old closet niches and Jason cut Tuck’s small dresser to fit against the wall to save floor space.  There is now plenty of room for Tucker to play cars on his floor.

Next up, we ordered a big window for the one wall Jason will add some built in bookcases, a window seat and some trim.  We will pull up  the carpet, put down wide plank pine hardwood floors and add closet doors. Jason is also going to change Tucker’s door into a barn  door.  This is the kind of remodeling Jason and I love to do!  We can’t wait to see the end result! Tucker is slowly getting a real bedroom…he will no longer be sleeping in a closet (as some of my friends like to joke around with me:)!!!  Wooo hooo!

Thanks for checking in with us:)  We have really appreciate everyone following along in our remodeling journey.  Here’s Tuck’s new window…. so exciting!!!  We went with a Marvin red one because that’s what we have in the rest of the house and honestly they are the nicest windows we have ever had and we put new windows in both our other two houses.  Definitely worth the extra cost!

om Closet to Kids Bedroom


  1. you have both done a wonderful job both on the inside space and the position of the window love it ,I am sure he will have many years playing in his new room

  2. As a reading teacher I thank you for encouraging the love of books in your design of your son’s bedroom. Great use of the space from the reading nook to the bunk beds with the play area in between.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comments and for stopping by to check out my son’s room NanciB! It is important to us that our kids have a love for reading just like my husband and I do:). Have a great week and take care, Tara

  3. Hi Tara,

    I stumbled upon your site through Pinterest (starting with the hall closet mekeover). It’s fascinating to see the before & after and all the wonderful changes you and Jason have made. It would be so helpful to also see floor plans to give the spaces context.

  4. We are considering installing beadboard over our plaster ceilings in our 1925 bungalow. What type of panels did you use on this project and what size were they? Thank you!

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