Boys Bathroom Ideas & Remodel – ORC – Week 1

ORC - boys bathroom ideas and remodel

Hi everyone!  I am dropping my hat in the ring once again for the One Room Challenge.  For those of you new to the ORC, it’s a 6 week design challenge hosted by Linda from Calling it Home.  Twice a year she challenges 20 design bloggers to makeover a room from top to bottom over the course of 6 weeks.  She also opens this challenge up to guest participants like me :).



Last spring I joined in the ORC for the first time making over our son Ryan’s room.  As you can see from the pics below the room looks nothing now like it did when we started.  This fall we will be making over our boys bathroom and today I am sharing my boys bathroom ideas for this space.

Stop by to see all the progress we made for our farmhouse fixer upper! built in blue bedroom

Sadly, this boys bathroom has not changed at all since we moved into our century old farmhouse over 3 years ago.  Warning, lots of ugly pics below :).  Knowing we were going to tear this bathroom apart soon after taking these pictures below I didn’t clean up the bathroom first.

ORC - Boys Bathroom Ideas - Before Sink

Although I am still unclear of the history of this room we are fairly certain it was originally a sleeping porch before plumbing was ever added.  At some point in the late 70s (based on a penny found in the wall:) a very sad renovation happened.

Boys Bathroom Ideas - Before Tub

The ceiling over the tub was lowered and the original claw foot tub was taken out.  I am not gonna lie I was very upset when I heard there used to be a claw foot tub!

ORC - Boys Bathroom Ideas - Before the Remodel

A leaking plastic almond colored tub and a very long laminate single sink console were added.

ORC - Boys Bathroom Ideas - Tub Ceiling Before

There is also 2 layers of wallpaper on the wall that were painted over, 2 layers of laminate flooring and a ceiling that was covered with contact paper.

ORC - Boys Bathroom Ideas Closeup of the Tub Wall

Yup, we have our work cut out for us!!!  The plan is to completely gut the room from top to bottom.  We already opened up the drop ceiling over the tub to bring back the original vaulted ceiling.  Thankfully, the original ceiling was still there!  Woo Hoo!!!

ORC - Boys Bathroom Ideas - Before Tub Ceiling Opened Up

I love the look of the bead board ceilings we added to the boys rooms so we will be adding a PVC bead board ceiling to the boys bathrooms.  The ugly and outdated tub, sink and toilet will be gone :).  We will be adding a new tile backsplash to the tub, new tile floors, and lighting along with a new GORGEOUS tub, sink, toilet and fixtures from Kohler.  We will be adding more bead board to the bathroom walls and painting the walls and the trim.  Lastly we will adding a built in bookshelf for towel and bathroom storage.

ORC – The Boys Bathroom Plan

ORC - boys bathroom ideas and remodel

  • Gut Bathroom – Take out tub, sink, toilet and tub
  • Replace old tub and add a new cast iron white tub
  • Take down tub surround and drywall surrounding tub
  • Add cement board and white subway tile and new fixtures to tub
  • Take down tub drop ceiling, contact paper & add a PVC bead board ceiling
  • Add cement board to bathroom floor and retile
  • Paint and add bead board to the bathroom walls and paint the trim white
  • Add a new double wall sink
  • Add a new toliet
  • Add a built in bookshelf for towels and store
  • Make towel hooks and toothbrush storage

I am not going to lie I am already tired just looking at that list!!!  Obviously any changes we make to this boys bathroom will be an improvement.  I can’t wait to share our progress and our boys bathroom ideas with you over the next 5 weeks.  Thanks so much for stopping by!


Thanks so much to Kohler for helping sponsor our boys bathroom remodel for the ORC!!!

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It's finallly time to remodel our boys bathroom and sharing it as a guest participant on the One Room Challenge. Stop by to see the boys bathroom ideas we have planned for this room! #boysbathroom

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33 thoughts on “Boys Bathroom Ideas & Remodel – ORC – Week 1

    1. You guys are so sweet!!! I definitely wish that claw foot tub was still here. It would have saved us the trouble of carrying a very heavy cast iron tub up our very narrow stairs but I save that story for another week :). So excited about your shed makeover and Hale Navy is my favorite!!! Take care!!!

    1. Ha! Thanks Brittany! They definitely don’t appreciate the size but they have had to put up with a leaking tub since day one so I know my youngest will enjoy being able to get baths in here again :).

  1. The boys are so lucky! This bathroom is going to come out amazing! Love your choices. It’s going to look so clean and crisp in there after you’re all done. Good luck and I can’t wait to follow along your progress.

    1. You are so sweet Danielle!!! We sure hopes it turns out as well as our son’s room last time. Thanks so much for stopping by to see our boys bathroom ideas :).

  2. Can’t wait to see the finished room! Could you tell me what laminate beadboard is and where you can buy it? I have never heard of it!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by our boys bathroom Dianne! With the craziness of our bathroom remodel, I was working on very little sleep when I wrote this post and am not sure why I called it laminate :). It’s actually PVC and we bought ours at Home Depot. The PVC is a better choice in a bathroom because it can handle moist environments better than wood or MDF can.

  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LLLLLOVVVVEEE That sink. Have wanted a double or a triple like that forever. It’s fantastic!! Can’t wait to see the space!! It’s going to be so great!!

    1. Ha, thanks so much for stopping by Heather!!! I have been pinning this Kohler sink for like a decade now and am pinching myself that we finally will have one in our home!!!

  4. Great inspiration – i need to get a move on and start my boys bedroom and bathroom. They have been waiting months!

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