8 Tips for Fall Decorating on a Budget

8 tips for fall decorating on a budget

Last week I shared my fall home tour with you guys and sometimes I worry that when people see pretty pictures of our farmhouse that they think I have a large budget to decorate with.  Well, that couldn’t be farther from the truth:).  I spent around $25 this fall, all on pumpkins alone.  I have a soft spot for pumpkins….I tried to plant some of my own but who can’t grow pumpkins….apparently me?  If you are looking for fall decorating on a budget, than you have come to the right place!

Here are My Tips on Beautiful Fall Decorating on a Budget

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1) Use Nature

God really is the best decorator.  I am always surprised why people will spend money on what they can decorate with for free.  Now, I realize there is the bug factor but pine cones can be baked and they make you house smell amazing.

pine cones / 8 tips for fall decorating on budget

Fall Home Tour /8 Tips for fall decorating on a budget / master bedroomI have been known to transport greens, acorns, sticks, leaves, sweet gums and pine cones home with me from local parks, walks with Moose, and neighbours yards (with their permission of course)!  Although, we are really fortunate to have a lot of that in our yard now.  Even if you don’t have anything growing in your yard most of us have parks nearby.  I lived in a row home in Philly for 10 years when I was a little girl even there I had leaves, pine cones and acorns to collect:).  I added maple leaves to almost every fireplace mantel in my house.  The leaves have a huge impact and they are beautiful.

Fall Home Tour / maple leaves / 8ways to beautiful decorate for fall on a budget

I did buy a few pumpkins this year and I am hoping to plant some successfully next year!  I will save my seeds:).  So they can be free too!

2) Make Your Own Signs

8 ways to beautifully decorate or fall on a budget / fall sign

I have made signs now for all 4 seasons as well as changing out my 2 chalk boards to reflect verses or sayings appropriate for the season.  I made my fall sign with some spare wood from the garage and leftover paint.  Pinterest is a fantastic place to find inspiration.  Now my signs are not as perfect as some found on Etsy but I made them and there is so much joy to be found in the process of creating.

Fall home tour / verse / 8 ways to beautiful decorate for fall on a budget

– Free Printables are another great way to decorate for the seasons.  You don’t need one creative bone in your body for these… just access to a color printer:).  Just search “free fall printable” on Pinterest to see what I mean.  I want to print out this one in time for Thanksgiving.

3) Keep it Simple

Fall home tour /8 ways to beautiful decorate for fall on a budget / pine cone / ball jar

– There is no need to decorate the decorations. I am still preaching this to myself:). I love to decorate so it is tempting to think more is better but it’s just not…at least not for me. Smart simple decorating is way classier and you appreciate the pieces so much better.  I really like how my 3 little white pumpkins look on mantel that would have been lost with lots of “other”stuff.  And they were only 69 cents each.Fall Home Tour / white pumpkins / 8 ways to decorate for fall on a budget8 tips for fall decorating on a budget / candy corn You can never go wrong with candy corn:).

4) Use What you Have

Fall home tour / 8 tips for decorating for fall on a budget / kitchen scale / pumpkin

– Use the bowls, bar jars, baskets, cloches, kitchen scales that you already have.  No need to buy that turkey or pumpkin bowl:).  I really like the look of our family’s rain boots in our foyer.  It brings color but it is also really practical for all the rainy days we have had lately.  Notice I also only need 1 pumpkin on the table to share that it’s fall.

DIY Foyer/ Entrway Table / 8 ways to decorate for fall on a budget / entryway table/ hunter boots/ pumpkin

5) Make your Own

– As I said in #2 joy can be found in the process of creating.  Just check out my velvet pumpkins on my dining hutch.  For under $2 each to make the are not breaking anyone’s bank.  My magnolia wreath also only cost me a few dollars to make and looks great year round.

8 tips to beautifully decorate your home for fall / pumpkins

6) Buy Your Decorations at off Season Sales and Thrift Shops

I love my Pottery Barn pillows and I paid $28 last February for my pumpkin pillow in the family room.  I usually don’t spend that much on a pillow cover but I really liked it:).  It is currently on sale for $41 but original price is $69.50, what?!!!!

Fall Home Tou / 8 ways to beautiful decorate for fall on a budget / pottery barn pumpkin pillow

I almost never pay full price for anything especially for seasonally decorating.  It is just not how I was raised.  As a former thrift store manager I actually think sometimes you can score a better deal off season from even stores like Pottery Barn!  Some thrift shops around me have gotten a little crazy in their pricing but you can still get a deal if you go often.

7) Shop Online (Craigslist, Ebay, Amazon)

– Be patient and keep searching usually I find exactly what I am looking for at the right price eventually.  Don’t give up!!! I am constantly checking online on Ebay, Amazon and Craigslist for items I want.  Jason and I have always wanted a leather chair.  I found this RH one on Craigslist with the ottoman for $300.  I give some of my Craigslist tips here.  The plaid throw is actually a blanket scarf  *affliate link* Neal Link(tm)retro Voile Bohemian Women Vintage Voile Soft Scarf Large Beach Wraps Shawl Dragonfly Sheer found on Amazon for $16.  I didn’t really count it my decorating budget because I will wear it more than use it as a throw this season:).

8 tips to decorate for fall on a budget / leather chair, plaid throw

8) Make it Personal

– It’s OK to check out inspiring home blogs and magazines ( I am constantly:)  but don’t forget to make the space your own.  Add pictures of your kids or family wearing costumes and picking apples.  It’s important to add those reminders of why you love the season and who you are decorating for!!!  I change out the pictures in the basket on the wall for more seasonal pic.  It’s filled with my kids in costumes and apple picking trips.  And that apple on the coffee table is one of 2 from our newly planted apple trees.

Fall Home Tour / gallery wall / leaves in a jar

I hope this inspires you guys to start decorating even on a budget.  What do you guys think?  Do you have any budget friendly decorating tips you would like to share?


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14 thoughts on “8 Tips for Fall Decorating on a Budget

  1. Tara, these are all such great tips! You’re so right decorating for each holiday/season can get expensive quick. I love all all of these tips can be used no matter what part of the country you’re in. Have a happy day, CoCo

  2. I’m so glad that I found your blog Tara. I love the thoughts in keeping in budget, but so creative and simple so that it is not overwhelming. Thank you so much for sharing your home.

  3. I like your philosophy of less is more. If you have the right combination of a few, nice things, it looks so much better and more polished than alot of things put together that distract from the beauty.

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