Laundry Room Renovation On a Budget

Jason and I didn’t realize how bad the laundry room was until after we moved in. It had an old metal cabinet sink that was completely rusted through, old kitchen cabinets that were warped through so badly you could barely open the doors, old brown industrial carpet that had stains all over it and turned out to be the source of the awful smell coming from the room (not our dirty laundry). It stunk so terribly that you could even smell it half way down the driveway after it was in the trash. I cringed every time an article of clothing fell on the floor. The room had cabinets on both sides so it seemed very tight and you could barely move around. On top of all that our laundry room is right off the kitchen table where we eat most of our meals. Anyway there was no question that this room needed to be remodeled first. This wasn’t really what we anticipated working on first so we had to be creative and flexible in deciding on our laundry room solutions.  Here’s how our laundry room renovation turned out.

Laundry Room Renovation

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We took out all the cabinets and the sink and pulled up the carpet. Unfortunately the smell had permeated into the plywood subfloor so we pulled that up too.


We were trying to keep the costs low for the laundry room since it was an unexpected must fix after we moved in.


We went with unfinished random width white pine floors from lumber liquidators (to read the post on how we installed the wide pine floors, go here), a few cabinets from ikea, a farm house sink from ikea, carrera marble tile from Home Depot for the countertop, and built in shelves over the counter.  The tile is much more cost effective over a large slab of Carrera.


The shelf over the countertop was designed to double as a hangar bar for hanging clothes when they come out of the dryer.  I also store some sewing supplies and kids arts and crafts in some of my longaberger baskets.


Jason built me two built in shelves that perfectly hold my sewing machine and books.  A close friend of mine for my birthday bought me this great thread holder.  I am currently on the lookout for a small sewing table that would fit in here.


laundry room renovation

The pine ceiling, the pocket door, and the wall nook are the things we kept from the original laundry room.  The wall nook is great for displaying vintage mason jars full of handy laundry room odds and ends.  I also made a simple custom cornice here for our laundry room window.  I love that we can close the pocket door so I don’t have to look at all the laundry I have while eating dinner :).


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We made even more changes to our laundry room like tiling the backsplash and you can check that out here.

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  1. Sitting here nursing and enjoying all your handiwork that I can only do in my head. We still have pictures to hang after four years! Anyway, I have an idea for your laundry room that josh is going to do in ours. We have almost an identical setup, except no window (jealous)…
    Instead of a sewing table, can Jason put in drop leaf hinges on that wall to make a table that can fold down when not in use to save space? Or would the sewing machine be too heavy to trust that design?

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