DIY Cork Board: What to do with all of your kids artwork

DIY Cork Board - What to do with all your kids artwork -

A few years ago I had a little bit of a dilemma.  I had no idea where to put all of my kids artwork….there was only so much room on our refrigerator :).  Every time I went to open it something would fall off!  I wanted to have a nice place to display their artwork and encourage their creativity without sacrificing on style.  So I started to look around for cork boards but they either looked really cheap or were way more money than I wanted to spend.  We decided to make our own DIY cork board instead.  At the time we wanted to make two…one for each of the older boys.

Jason found a big roll of cork online.  You can find these on Amazon or from one of the many sites that sell rolls of cork like  Decide on a size for your cork board prior to ordering.  We ordered a roll that was 3′ x 6′ so that we could create 2 3′ x 3′ cork boards.  We went with 1/4″ thick cork and I would recommend sticking to close to that.  Going with less of a thickness might prevent you from pushing the pins all the way in.  We had to flatten the cork for a few days by rolling it out and stacking some books on it.  Jason cut a slightly smaller piece of 1/4″ plywood as a backer for the cork board.


We cut this slightly smaller than the cork itself so you wouldn’t really see the plywood when the cork board was hung.  If you are going to put a frame around the cork board you would want to cut it the same size and then frame it out.  But don’t feel like you have to frame it…the frame most likely will be covered with art work anyway!  Then you just have to attach it to the wall.  Jason simply found the studs and put 2 screws directly through the cork and backer into the studs.  The screws disappear in the cork.


It is that easy!  These two boards cost us about half of one smaller one from Pottery Barn Kids.
Now our youngest two use the boards the most.  We keep one in the kitchen next to the table and one in our basement playroom. Five plus years later this system has worked great. There is no more arguing over where we can put their precious works of art:). Every couple of weeks I go through what’s up on the board and put some of the favorites in clear bins I keep in our basement closet. Each of the four kids has their own bin.  These bins also make it easy to find favorites from previous years to decorate the house seasonally. The rest of the artwork gets discreetly recycled :).

DIY Cork Board - What to do with all your kids artwork -


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