DIY Beautiful Mailbox Garden for Storing Garden Tools

My Shady Mailbox Garden - For Storing My Garden Tools

Sharing all the details about how to make a DIY beautiful mailbox garden for storing gardening tools near our flower garden with pictures.

I had to sneak this post out while Jason was at work because he thinks this is idea is CRAZY!  

Feel free to comment below if you think it is too, ha!

DIY Mailbox Garden for Storing Garden Tools

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My Shady Mailbox Garden - For Storing My Garden Tools

I have had a thing for cooper mailboxes for years now.  

We bought this one for our last house back when Smith & Hawkin was still a store (sold just a Target now) & copper was not nearly as expensive as it is now.  

When we knew we would be selling the Suburban Split we switched out the mailboxes so we could bring this one with us & I decided to make a mailbox garden with it in the middle of my gardens.

As I have shared before our old farmhouse is located on a REALLY busy street & at night our driveway at night is hard to find so we need to keep the one that came with the house with the oh so pretty reflective stick on numbers.  

So my copper one has been in the garage for almost 2 years & I decided it was time to bring it back out!

My Shady Mailbox Garden - For Storing My Garden Tools

Moose loves to steal & chew on our garden gloves (we are happy that for now anyway… our shoes are left alone.  

He steals them chews off the fingers & hides them all over the yard.

Exhibit A:

My Shady Mailbox Garden - For Storing My Garden Tools

Exhibit B:

My Shady Mailbox Garden - For Storing My Garden Tools

He threw up the fingers on our morning walk…LOVELY!!!

My Shady Mailbox Garden - For Storing My Garden Tools

I wanted a safe place to keep our garden gloves & small gardening tools and my copper mailbox garden is the best place to store them!

They are easy to find, conveniently in the middle of the yard, they are protected from the weather & the best part is that Moose can’t get them out.

My Shady Mailbox Garden - For Storing My Garden Tools

My Mailbox garden is located under our beautiful oak tree in a shady spot where I planted a few hostas & daffodils & near a beautiful pink rhododendron.

Tucker helped me dig the hole & we used an old mailbox post the was damaged by the snowplow in a winter storm here last year.  

We did it right after the older three got picked up on the school bus.  

I was so determined to get our mailbox garden in I didn’t even have my contacts on & was still in my PJ’s!

My Shady Mailbox Garden - For Storing My Garden Tools

I love it!  

What do you guys think?  

Am I crazy putting a mailbox out in the middle of our yard?  

I don’t think Moose is too happy about it, ha!

My Shady Mailbox Garden - For Storing My Garden Tools

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful spring day!  I hope this inspires you to create a DIY mailbox garden of your own!

by Tara Lehman

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A mailbox garden is a great place to keep your gardening tools close by without losing them in an cluttered garage or garden shed. And it looks pretty too! #mailboxgarden #mailbox #gardening #toolstorage

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  1. I also have one in my back yard to hold the same things are yours does. I think it’s a wonderful idea and very convenient. I wish my mailbox was as pretty as yours. Also, I love the hostas that you’ve planted at the base. A job well done!

    1. Erika, Thanks so much for sharing that your have a mailbox garden to hold your garden tools too:)…glad this idea wasn’t totally crazy:). Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! Take care, Tara

  2. Oh no, my secret is out! I have one in our yard – a 200 year old brick one room school house in up state NY. It is the best! We have little shed space and if I put my tools away, they are still there when I open the door! Nice…..
    My box is “farm size” tin but painted by me in painting class oh so long ago!
    You are amazing! Great ideas, style and energy!
    I just found you and have enjoyed your blogs. Enjoy your summer!

    1. Beverly, your house sounds amazing!!! Your tin for your tools sounds perfect:). Thanks so much for your sweet comments about my blog. Have a great day, take care, Tara

  3. I am sooo envious of your copper mailbox!!! *swoon

    I have one on a post in my pole barn. Been meaning to do the same thing for years! (Where is my post home digger??) But for now, I have a vintage wall hung mailbox that is attached to the side of my deck/porch I am using. One of these days I’ll find that post hole digger!

    Love the idea btw!

    1. Jackie, thank you so much for visiting and checking my copper mailbox out!!! I bet your vintage tin mailbox is gorgeous! Good luck finding that post hole digger:). Have a beautiful day, take care, Tara

  4. Very cute idea! I always have to go back to the garage and worm my way in past the car to get my stuff. I’ve been known to leave my tools outside and would have appreciated a handy spot like this! I’ll have to bring this idea up with the hubs!

    1. Liz, thank you so much for checking out my mailbox garden. It is very convenient always having my tools easy to reach! Good luck talking to your husband about it:)

    1. Susan, I am so glad to hear I am not the only one! I think Jason (my husband) has given up and decided to let me keep it:). If only there was a way of getting rid of junk mail in the other mailbox!

  5. Hahahaha! That’s so funny that your sweet dog does that!
    I think it’s a genius way to hide your things!
    Also, what an amazing job you did on your last house! Yall have serious talent!
    Thanks for sharing at Something to Talk About!

    1. Our new puppy is a little crazy…it’s a good thing we love him:) Thanks for your sweet comments about the mailbox and our old house! Take care, Tara

  6. Oh, what a creative idea !!!
    With this, my gloves anh gardening tool will be protected safely.
    Thanks for sharing 😀

  7. Great idea. I have seen this done once before and have wanted to do the same. Thanks for motivating me again!!

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