Easy Wood Slice Heart in 2 Hours

Wood Slice Heart - Valentine Mantel

With Valentine’s Day coming, I am sharing a great wood heart craft idea, a simple & beautiful Wood Slice Heart I made in just 2 hours for free to decorate with!

I added our DIY wood slice heart to our living room fireplace mantel & I love the texture & beauty it adds to all of the Valentine Décor in our farmhouse.

Our reclaimed wood slice heart would make fabulous wall decor as well!

Easy Wood Slice Heart in 2 Hours

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Supplies Needed for a Wood Slice Heart

  • Sticks of Various Sizes (wide & skinny) cut to 1″ each
  • Construction Paper Template to Create a Heart Template
  • MDF Board

Tools Needed to Make a Wood Slice Heart

  • Miter Saw, Hand Saw or Long Pruners & Gardening Shears to Cut the Wood Sticks
  • Jigsaw or Hand Saw to cut out MDF Backing
  • Glue Gun

Instructions for How to Make this Easy Wood Slice Heart Step by Step

Step ONE – Gather your Sticks

We have had a lot of windy weather lately so I had no trouble finding sticks in our yard to create this diy project with. 

Be sure to find wood sticks of different widths to add more interest to your wood heart craft.

Step TWO – Cutting the Sticks to Size

Wood Slice Heart - Valentine Mantel - sticks

Using our miter saw (DEWALT DW715 15-Amp 12-Inch Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw) we cut the sticks to about 1 inch each until I had a large pile.

Wood Slice Heart - Valentine Mantel - miter saw
Wood Slice Heart - Valentine Mantel - cut wood slices

Step THREE – Making a Heart Template & Backing

I cut a heart shape out of construction paper and used it as a template to create the pattern I wanted with the wood slices.

Wood Slice Heart - Valentine Mantel - construction paper heart

Jason cut out a heart shaped piece of MDF with his jigsaw for me to glue the wood slices to.

Wood Slice Heart - Valentine Mantel - MDF heart

Step FOUR – Gluing the Sticks to Your Heart

Using my glue gun, I added the wood slices one at a time starting with the larger slices first. 

I tried to cover as much of the MDF as possible so the only thing you could see were the wood slices in the shape of a heart.

Wood Slice Heart - Valentine Mantel - glue gun

I filled in any empty gaps between the wood slices with some tiny sticks I cut with my handy gardening pruners, (Corona AP 3110 Anvil Pruner With Vinyl Coated Steel Handles, 3/4″ Cut).

Wood Slice Heart - Valentine Mantel - small sticks

Overall the entire project took less than 2 hours to complete & makes a beautiful wood heart decoration for year round farmhouse decor.

Wood Slice Heart - Valentine Mantel
Wood Slice Heart - Valentine Mantel
Wood Slice Heart - Valentine Mantel

Our family doesn’t go too crazy when it comes to decorating for Valentine’s day but this wood slice heart is a good reminder to love each other a little more. ūüôā

Wood Slice Heart - Valentine Mantel

I have a feeling we will keeping our new wood heart decor all year round!

Wood Slice Heart - Valentine Mantel

Our DIY wood slice heart would look beautiful in a master bedroom, a front porch or even a larger heart as a wall hanging or wood heart wall decor signed at a wedding.

You could easily add a picture frame hanger to the back of our heart shaped wood slice & hang it just about anywhere inside or outdoors!

Wood Slice Heart - Valentine Mantel

I hope this answers all your questions about how to make a wood slice heart & I hope this inspires you to make one for your home!

“Do everything in love” 1 Cor. 16:14

by Tara Lehman

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