Cozy Winter Home Tour with Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Winter Home Tour - master bedroom and fireplace and bed

Sharing winter farmhouse decorating ideas with a winter home tour of our home to make your home brighter & cozier in the dark of winter with pictures.

Winter can be a dark & dreary time of year. 

All the excitement of Christmas is over, the days are shorter & if you live anywhere north, it’s really cold. 

When decorating our home for the winter I tried to make our home a place of warmth & simplicity or Hygge.

I hope my winter home tour gives you ideas of how to make your homes a little brighter & cozier in the winter months. 

Cozy Winter Farmhouse Decorating Ideas – Winter Home Tour

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Sharing winter farmhouse decorating ideas with a winter home tour of our home to make your home brighter & cozier in the dark of winter with pictures. #winter #farmhousedecoratingideas

Cozy Winter Farmhouse Decor

One thing I love about the winter is how our life tends to slow down & become a little quieter. 

More evenings are enjoyed at home together & the darker mornings mean kids sleep in a little longer… well, at least till 7 am. ūüôā

Living Room – Winter Farmhouse Decor

After taking down the Christmas tree in our living room we decided not to bring our TV back into the room. 

WInter Home Tour - living room

We wanted this room to be screen free, a place where we could have a conversation & enjoy a fire without the distraction of the TV in the background. 

I want the only technology in this room to be that of music playing in the background.

WInter Home Tour - living room - black secretary

We moved my secretary to the left of the fireplace where the TV had once been & moved the television down the basement.

WInter Home Tour - black secretary, fireplace

Our living room feels more open & relaxing than it had been before.

Winter Home tour - living room - black secretary

Winter Coffee Table Decor

WInter Home Tour - coffee table , pine cones

I brought down all my decorating & gardening book from my bookcase & placed them on or under our coffee table along with a wooden dough bowl with pine cones in it.

I just love the calm, quiet of the winter to dream about what we will plant in our garden or what big DIY & decorating plans we have for our farmhouse.

WInter Home Tour - living room, chairs

Winter Fireplace Mantel Decor

Our fireplace mantel is keep bright with white farmhouse decor & candles.

Winter conversations happen best when everyone is cozy & warm next to the warmth of the fire :).  To see more of our winter mantel, check that out here.

WInter Home Tour - fireplace

The nesting instinct I have throughout the winter doesn’t just stop with cozying up our winter home tour but also what we are eating when we are home. 

Winter Home Tour in the Farmhouse Kitchen

I enjoying cooking, baking & eating ūüôā more so in the winter than any other time of year.

Winter Home Tour - kitchen

It seems that almost everyday, I have something baking in the oven or cooking on the stove. 

Yesterday, I made my kids their favorite sugar cookies. 

We had some trouble locating the snowflake cookie cutter so we settled on trees :). 

winter home tour - tree sugar cookies

Obviously, my cookie decorating skills need some help but the kids & I always have fun making & eating them. 

Sugar cookies are the best because you can change out the shape based on the season or occasion.

White Flowers to Brighten Up our Winter Home Tour

To add a little more color and freshen up our kitchen I added 2 new plants to my kitchen window.

Winter Home Tour - kitchen window, greenery and scale

I love the bright white of the cyclamen flowers to echo the white of the snow that is often seen outside my kitchen window.

Winter Home Tour - white cyclamen

Farmhouse Entryway in our Winter Home Tour

WInter Home Tour - front of our farmhouse

Our entryway is often full of snow gear to help keep us warm when we go outside. 

I love our old door turned coat rack & mitten tree to help dry off those wet snow clothes when my 4 kiddos come in.

Winter Home Tour - entryway and door coat rack and mitten tree

Winter Farmhouse Master Bedroom

It is so much fun going up our newly refinished farmhouse stairs into our master bedroom.

Winter Home Tour - master bedroom and fireplace and bed

In the winter, Jason & I tend to head upstairs early so that we have time to read or watch a movie together. 

I recently brought up our oil lamps to help add a little more ambient light so one of us can go to sleep while the other ones stays up to read.

Winter Home Tour - bed and pillows

I really like the vintage farmhouse look they give our bedroom.

Winter Home Tour - master bedroom fireplace

Farmhouse Family Room Winter Home Tour

When our family gets snowed in, one of our favorite things to do is play board games & watch movies together.

Winter Home Tour - family room fireplace, coffee table
Winter Home Tour - family room, sofa

Our favorite board game to play is Ticket to Ride

Even my youngest knows how to play. 

Winter Home Tour - ticket to ride

Can you spot the furry nose in the above pic?  The popcorn was just too tempting for him :).

Winter Home Tour - family room and sofa

Ultimately, I try my best to decorate our farmhouse winter home tour with my family in mind. 

My kids are growing up way too fast & it’s important to me to keep the decorating simple, bright, warm & comfortable so that we can spend more time together as a family.

Winter Home Tour - family room and gallery wall

I hope my winter home tour gives you lots of winter farmhouse decorating ideas & inspiration!

by Tara Lehman

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    1. You guys are too sweet! I am really happy with how our black armoire looks in that spot too. So glad we got to do this winter home tour hop together ūüôā

  1. Ah! It’s farmhouse perfection! I love all the fireplaces and the cozy and warm textures. The oil lamps beside your bed are awesome! I can imagine lots of family gathering and laughter happening in your precious home. Thanks for joining our home tour!

  2. Tara, I love to see how you decorate your beautiful home! It is so warm and cozy. I really like that you took out the television from the living room. It really makes a difference doesn’t it? Your new stairs are stunning!!

    1. Michelle, you are so sweet. We are so glad that we moved the TV out too, it was almost never on anyway :). Thanks for the comment about our stairs too, they were definitely a lot of work!

  3. Tara, your home is beautiful! Every room feels so warm and welcoming; I can imagine you and your family cozying up to play games and watch the snow fall together.

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