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I am excited to announce that I have been nominated for a Liebster Award by Mary at In the Boondocks.  For those of you wondering what a Liebster is…it’s an award given by bloggers to new bloggers.  The Liebster Award was created recognize and/or discover new bloggers and welcome them to the blogosphere:).


First, I want to thank Mary for nominating me!  If you have never been to her blog please stop by and say hello.  Mary loves to repurpose and upcycle anything she can find.  I just love this life saver she found on the beach and dressed up…



When you are nominated for the Liebster award you are asked 11 questions from the Blogger who nominated you.

Here are my questions from Mary…

One Year Blogging Anniversary

1.  Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging as a way to share all the projects that my husband Jason and I have been up to fixing up, remodeling, crafting, decorating, cooking, and gardening in our old farmhouse.  It is an incredible of accomplishment to see all that we have done online and if we can help or inspire others to do the same it is that much more rewarding:).

2.  Do you have a favorite blogger?

That’s a hard one because the longer I have been blogging the more I get to know and love to follow and there are like 10-15:).  But 2 blogs I followed well before I became a blogger and still read weekly, The Inspired Room and  Thistlewood Farms.

3.  What inspires you for your blog?

I am inspired mostly by creation and the simple NEED to create:).  I believe strongly that I am created in God’s image and as He is the ultimate creator I was born to create!    Whether it’s choreographing a dance, digging in the garden or re-imagining an unimaginable fixer-upper that act of creating inspires me.

4.  Do you ever get writer’s block (or blogger’s block), and if so what do you do about it?

Just about every other day:).  It’s funny one day I could write blog posts and take pictures all day long and the next day I don’t even want to turn on my computer:).

5.  What  type of music do you listen to?

In no particular order (it totally depends on the day I am having:)…..Classical ( when I need my house to seem peaceful and quiet, Christian (when I am feel sad or hopeless and I need to feel God’s presence), Country (for when I am cooking dinner) and Jazz (from the 30’s and 40’s like Billie Holiday (my favorite)(always with a tall glass of wine at night).

6.  Which do you prefer, the mountains or the beach?

The Beach, everyday and twice on Sunday.  I am married to a “mountain” guy who doesn’t like sand so that’s always been a compromise:).

7.  What would your dream house be like?

A white farmhouse in a small town in the country with a pond and oodles of land, but still very close to the beach!  We came the closest to my dream house with our current old farmhouse.

8.  Are you a cat or a dog person?

Dog, def!!! Have you met Moose🙂

9.  What is your favorite hobby (aside from blogging)?

I love to dance ( former dance major:)

10.What is your favorite season and why?

Summer! No homework, gardenings peak season and the beach, what more could you want!

11.If you inherited $50,000 what would you do with it?

We would finish remodeling our house and add a pool!!!!

Here are my nominees for The Liebster Award.

(if you are not familiar with their blogs please stop by and say hi!)

Caitlin @ the Delighted Dwelling

426085_10100588483705964_1023820868_nCaitlin along with the help of her husband and super cute puppy are remodeling their house “one DIY project at a time.”

  •   She recently redid the floors in her home, to see more of the before/ after of her floors click here.

Floors Before And After

Jelica @ A Pretty Fix


Jelica’s blog has tons of great decorating tips and she’s also super crafty too!  Just check out this beautiful yarn wreath she made.




The Rules

  • Link back to the blog that nominated you
  • Answer the questions designated by the blogger who nominated you (I thought Mary’s questions were great so I would ask the same of you girls if you choose to answer them:)
  • Nominate up to 11 other new bloggers with less than 200 followers & notify them
  • Give your nominees a list of questions they have to answer
  • Display the Liebster Award Logo on your page
  • List these 6 rules on your post



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