Simple Flower Arrangement Tips – Back to Basics

Simple Flower Arrangement - Farmhouse table with mason jar floral arrangements, #flowerarranging #fallflowers #falltablescape

It’s time again for our monthly blog hop called Back to Basics where my blogging friends and I share simple home décor tips.  Today is all about flower arranging and I am sharing my simple tips for how to create 3 simple flower arrangements from a grocery store bouquet in less than 15 minutes for under ten dollars!!!

My Simple Tips for Flower Arranging

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Simple Flower Arranging Tips from our Farmhouse #flowers #flowerarrangingtips

My favorite place to find fresh flowers from is my garden.  Because…well, they are free!    But, when it’s 20 degrees outside and my garden is asleep, my second favorite place is Trader Joe’s :).

Simple Flower Arrangements- Trader Joe's bouquet into 3 flower arrangements

When in doubt, Trader Joe’s always seems to have the freshest, most reasonably priced flowers around.  I found this beautiful arrangement for less than $10.  Rather than put it all in one vase, I decided to divide one big bouquet into 3.

Simple Flower Arrangement - dining table as a guide to cut flower stems

Using our dining room table, I flipped the flowers upside down as a guide to know how much of the stems to take off.

Simple Flower Arrangement - cutting the stems

Once the stems were the right length I pulled off any extra leaves on the bottom of the flower stems.

Simple Flower Arrangement - pulling off leaves

Extra leaves in the water will keep the water from staying clean and causing the water to have a bad odor so I try and remove as many as I can.

Simple Flower Arrangement - ball jars on farmhouse table for fall

I divided up the flowers evenly between the 3 mason jars making sure to keep a mix of colors for each arrangement.

Simple Flower Arrangement - rubber band around stems

My favorite tip for flower arranging is to use a rubber band.  Rubber bands will keep the flowers in place and also make your arrangements easy to water by simply lifting up all the flowers at once.

Simple Flower Arranging - Ball Jars
Simple Flower Arrangement - ball jars on farmhouse table for fall

Ball Jars are hands down my favorite vases to add flowers to.  They look pretty, are always in style and the clear glass looks great for any season.

Simple Flower Arrangement - sunflowers and fall flowers in mason jars on my farmhouse table for fall

The 3 floral arrangements look great on our farmhouse table and are ready to help decorate our home for fall.  Be sure to check my friends tips below. Thanks so much to Jenn and Vicki at 2 Bees in a Pod and CoCo at the Crowned Goat for organizing our Hop!


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Simple Flower Arrangements – Back to Basics

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  1. Such a great idea to buy a big bouquet and then break it up into smaller bouquets to use all around the house! I love sunflowers and I can’t even imagine what 20 degree weather feels like ha ha. I hope you’re staying warm and snuggly. Your arrangement is so pretty! Hugs, CoCo

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