Refinishing Our Farmhouse Stairs

DIY - Refinishing Our Farmhouse Stairs- window

It has been a few years coming but we finally got around to refinishing our farmhouse stairs.  When we moved into our farmhouse 3 years ago our whole upstairs was covered in old and mismatched wall to wall carpet.  We were disappointed to discover that under most of the carpet was either plywood or hardwood floors in terrible shape.  So we started adding wide pine floors room by room.  First with the master bedroom and then with the boys rooms.

DIY - Refinishing Our Farmhouse Stairs

Our Farmhouse Stairs

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DIY - Refinishing Our Farmhouse Stairs - before

Thankfully, there was old pine stairs under the carpet.  Yay!!! So first things first, we pulled up the old carpet and pads in hallway and stairs and took out the carpet staples.  Moose is always around to help :).

DIY - Refinishing Our Farmhouse Stairs


DIY - Refinishing Our Farmhouse Stairs - pulling up staples

And the stairs stayed that way for two years while we tackled other DIY projects.  The idea of painting and sanding this tall stairway was a little overwhelming to us, until now :).

DIY - Refinishing Our Farmhouse Stairs - painting the vaulted stairway

First, we painted the walls our favorite neutral, SW Kestral white.  We also took down the shutters to let more natural light in the windows.  Jason added wide pine boards over the plywood floors.

DIY - Refinishing Our Farmhouse Stairs - adding wide pine floors

Then over Christmas break Jason took on the gigantic and very messy task of sanding down these stairs.  He used his trusty 15 year old orbital sander to tackle the stairs.  This is the sander we have, DEWALT DWE6423K Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander, 5″

DIY - Refinishing Our Farmhouse Stairs - staining the floors

After lots of vacuuming and dusting we stained the stairs Summer Oak by Varathane to match the floors upstairs and down. Then we followed up the stain with 5 coats of Satin polyurethane.  Lastly I taped off the stairs and painted the trim SW semi gloss extra white.

DIY - Refinishing Our Farmhouse Stairs - taping the stairs

You can still see where the carpet staples were originally but all the imperfections give the stairs so much character!

DIY - Refinishing Our Farmhouse Stairs

I need Jason’s help hanging up the mirror at the top of the landing on the steps.

DIY - Refinishing Our Farmhouse Stairs - with mirror

My grandparents house had a large built in mirror at top of their stairway landing and I wanted to recreate that here.  The wide pine floors we put down go well with the our newly refinished pine stairs.

V - wode pine floor landing

Looking down the steps you can see our old door turned coat rack.  Still the perfect spot to hang our coats and bags when we get home :).

DIY - Refinishing Our Farmhouse Stairs - looking down to our old door turned coat rack

Although there is still so much to do the house seems a lot more finished now.

DIY - Refinishing Our Farmhouse Stairs - window and old door coat rack

Jason is trying to talk me into adding a carpet runner to our refinished farmhouse stairs but for now I am just excited about how pretty they look!  Thanks so much for stopping by to check out our farmhouse stairs!


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  1. Great job you two!
    Looks wonderful.
    Check out Lillypad Cottage blog.
    She is building a new Lake house in Michigan But she is a wonder of ideas too. You can see her previous house at her site. She did use a runner on her stairs. Very attractive, and better footing to prevent slipping.
    (Old folks, kids and Moose).

    1. Thanks so much Bev!!! I will def check out the Lilypad Cottage Stair post. I am familiar with her blog and am always inspired :). Have a good week and take care!

  2. These turned out so great! And I LOVE the character from the old carpet staples ūüôā
    I will say, my parents have wood stairs and it can get mighty slippery with socks on – they’ve been debating adding a runner to theirs just for safety purposes. But I agree, it’s so hard to cover up the beautiful wood!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Kelly! We are definitely still debating the runner, no runner question but for now we are just enjoying this huge DIY project being done!

  3. It looks great. I want to do the same to my stairs but probably a little darker. Do you have a youtube video on how you did this? Do you have any ideas on how to redo a townhouse like a country style or farm style

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by to check out how we refinished our farmhouse stairs Donna! Unfortunately, I do not have a Youtube video on this. In my opinion, you can add country & farmhouse style to any home… we definitely added farmhouse style to our 1960’s split level before moving to our farmhouse. Farmhouse style is easy to add with neutral paint colors, cozy furnishings & wood.

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