Powder Room Reveal & a DIY Fabric Shade

Powder Room Reveal Part II

Our powder room was out of date, so I painted it & then painted it again. I also made a DIY fabric shade to go in it. I still have a lot more planned for this room but for now it is looking a WHOLE lot better!

Power Room Reveal & a DIY Fabric Shade

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Powder Room Reveal Part II

A few months ago I just had it with my powder room.  

I hated the wallpaper border & the trim color in the room.  

Powder Room Reveal Part I

The toilet paper holder refused to hold the toilet paper roll on it.  

The brass faucet, towel bar, and loose door brass knob had to go!  

Don’t even get me started on the red laminate counter…we have it in the master bathroom too….was there a two for one sale that day?  

And there is no bathroom fan! The bathroom just felt dirty and I couldn’t put up with it any longer.

So…I painted the walls, the trim and the cabinets. 

Powder Room Reveal Part I

Well, Jason hated the wall color!  I guess that’s what happens when I try and surprise him when he’s at work.  

Apparently he has hated that color for 10 years now! 

I used some leftover paint from our last house, the Suburban Split

Even though he was not a fan of the color I was just happy to freshen the room up and take down the wallpaper. 

Powder Room before

Well, we’ve let the room sit since the summer and we both kinda decided (truthfully me more than him🙂 that we would LOVE to have one of these bathrooms done to our liking. 

The only problem is we have no more money to spend right now…can anyone relate?  🙂 

Budget what budget?

Powder Room Reveal Part II

So here’s what I did… I painted the room AGAIN.  We went with our go to color Sherwin Williams Kestral White ( I had half a can in the basement). 

I also painted the ceiling white which is something I should have done 1st.

It is so much brighter in here! 

Jason installed a new toilet paper roll holder (sorry to all the folks who used our bathroom before and had the misfortune of having the holder come out of the wall or their toilet paper fall on the floor,we should have changed this out day one)! 

There are new oil rubbed bronze knobs too.  

Powder Room Reveal Part II

The mirror also got a coat of glossy white paint.

My mom spent a good part of her Saturday brainstorming and making my new fabric shade for the window allowing us to be able to finally open the casement window in here (the blind made it impossible). 

Powder Room Reveal Part II

We used some leftover fabric from my fabric bin.  It was definitely a labor of love because my mom she thought she was coming over for an hour or two to play board games with the kids.  Ha, she was here till almost 10. Thanks mom!

Powder Room Reveal Part II

To make the fabric shade she cut the panel 2 inches wider than the window and sewed the four side seams.  Then she hand sewed attached rings every six inches to the back.  We were originally going to use string to raise the shade but we decided that safety pins were way easier and cleaner looking.

Jason cut me a strip of wood 1 inch short width wise of the fabric and I stapled the fabric to it.  He then pin nailed it to our window.

Powder Room Reveal Part II

Didn’t it turn out fabulous!!!  I love that the fabric goes perfectly with my vintage McCoy pots:).  I found the sign at Home Goods.

Powder Room Reveal Part II

I put my new Shamrock (oxalis) plant from Trader Joe’s in my pot in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day. 

Powder Room Reveal Part II

I also found some great number hooks at Home Depot to hang my Longaberger basket of potion and perfume.  5 for $2.50!  For some reason this link has them for $6.88 and the store had them for $2.58…here  is the link to see what they look like. 

Powder Room Reveal Part II

I still need Jason to hang them up:).  I kinda leaned this one on a screw that was already there…

I also hung this printer’s number hook from Anthropologie on the outside of the powder room door.  Sadly they don’t sell these anymore….

Powder Room Reveal Part II

For the final powder room reveal we are planning on adding a new wood top counter and faucet.  I can’t wait to tear out the red laminate.  We stopped by Home Depot this weekend to get the wood for it.

Powder Room Reveal Part II

Jason has been also plugging away laying hardwood in our bedroom.. Definitely wish we had had the ability to add the floors before moving in but the budget just didn’t allow for it.  So half our room has hardwood and the other half has our furniture.  Don’t worry we remove the plastic to sleep!

Powder Room Reveal Part II

Jason will stain and seal the floors and then we will flip flop:).  I keep asking him to write a post on installing the wide pine floors but as you can see he’s a busy guy:).  To see the post of what our master bedroom looked like when we started click here for part 1 and here for part 2.  Please keep checking back to see the final reveal of our powder room and our master bedroom when we are all done!   Hope everyone had a good restful weekend.  The sun finally came out here and it has been beautiful even with the snow.


We have continued to make changes in our Powder Room!

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  1. Tara, what a lovely bathroom., I love the wall color. The window treatment your mom made is to-die-for!!!! And how nice to have such a wide window sill for that adorable plant!
    I would love for you to stop by my blog and join our Something to Talk About link party!
    Have a great day!

  2. Tara, just a line to say that I dropped by after reading your comment on The Inspired Room’s post. I like your house (always loved the idea of a Pennsylvania farmhouse)–I, too, must embrace red, as our New Hampshire home is all red, as is the barn–then I found recipes that looked too good not to acquire for myself, then I saw your powder room with the pretty window treatment that your mother figured out–we’ve got the same kind of powder room window, only smaller. So I had to share and say Thanks! Good luck with everything!

    1. Hi Louise! Thank you so much for visiting! Glad to have someone embracing red with me:)…So exciting that you have a barn! Thanks so much for your sweet comments and for the taking the time to check everything out! Hope you are having a beautiful day up in New Hampshire! Take care, Tara

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