Our Spring Porch – Love Your Home Challenge

Our Spring Porch - Love your Home Challenge

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I have been reading this AMAZING book called *affliate link* “Love the Home you Have” by Melissa Michaels and I wanted to share it with the rest of you:).  Melissa is the author of “The Inspired Room” blog.  Her blog is one that I check almost daily and has been a true inspiration to me since I first found it over 5 years ago.   The book has so many great SIMPLE tips in it on how to LOVE the home you have:).  It has challenged my thoughts about messes, organization and perfection (this is a big one) in our home and encouraged me to be EVEN more content with where God has us in our new home.


Why is it so hard to love the home you have?  Seriously, why is that?  Our family has been so blessed, why am I not more thankful?  God has given me grace to be more thankful in each house (believe me I have come a LONG way) but why do I always find something wrong with it?  That grass is always greener idea that if somehow I had the perfect house I would have the perfect life! (BTW: That is a TOTAL lie).  This is especially hard for me now as a new blogger and my desire to show you picture perfect pictures with every post:).

At the back of her new book, “Love the Home you Have” Melissa has a 31 day challenge and Day 14 is called Welcome Home.  As Melissa says if your front door “doesn’t say “welcome home” in a way that makes you smile, today would be a good day to tidy up a bit.”  So I took that challenge to heart and got to painting, planting and building (with Jason’s help)… let me explain:).

Our Spring Porch - Love your Home Challenge

There are a lot of things I LOVE about our new old farmhouse like the size and the character ( It has been a true blessing to be able to have friends and family stay with us now) but one thing I struggle with is the outside color and the curb appeal.  I would love an ALL white house with true front porch… can anyone relate?  Our house has a lot of red very expensive windows that we will never replace and that I can’t paint so we are stuck with them.

Our Spring Porch - Love your Home Challenge

The front door is also kinda hidden and where is the farmhouse front porch?  It just doesn’t scream front entrance HERE like I would like it too:).

Our Spring Porch - Love your Home Challenge

I painted the door RED.  Yes, you read that right:)  I repainted my door red after having painted it black less than a month ago for my Spring Home Tour.  I know, I need help!  I did it because every time I came in I kept thinking about how bad it looked against the red trim and it made me more sad about the fact that our trim isn’t all white.  We also painted the white trim red around Tucker’s window that we added in the fall. … This also didn’t look finished and looked like more of a project:).  I am trying to embrace the red trim until we can make those big exterior changes.



Our Spring Porch - Love your Home Challenge




Our Spring Porch - Love your Home Challenge

I got busy sweeping up all the leaves and washing the windows and storm door.  Jason made me some beautiful cedar planters to place my $1 hydrangeas (yup, $1 from Easter leftovers at Lowes).  He also made me a window box for the 2nd floor window the front door.  I brought the Boston fern back outside with my lemon tree and some sidewalk chalk fin a pretty Longaberger basket for the kiddos:).  My garden boots are back outside because it’s finally warm enough to garden again:).  Yay!!!  I love the spring!

Our Spring Front Porch - Love your Home Challenge


Our Spring Porch - Love your Home Challenge

I will be sharing a post on how to make your own planters in the next few days.  Jason made the planters and the window box all with leftover wood from our cedar fence he built to give more attention to the front door.  Aren’t they beautiful?

Our Spring Porch - Love your Home Challenge

I also bought a pretty Spring Welcome mat from Target for our front door.  Moose tore apart the  Spring wreath I made when I took it down to paint but I kinda like the door without one and I was afraid adding one would make it look busy.  I am thankful for the little changes we made to our house this past weekend and all for under $30!  As I continue to pray that with God’s help I will recognize the important things to be thankful for and be more content with where we are in the process.  I can honestly say that I smile when I walk up to my red door now, who would have thought?  Thanks Melissa!


Hope this will inspire you to start freshening up your front door for Spring or tackle another project so we can all find more joy in the homes we have!  For WAY more Inspiring Ideas AND HELP to love your home  click here to buy “Love the Home you Have” by Melissa Michaels:).  All the super cute inspiring quotes above are from “Love the Home you Have” and are available free on Melissa’s blog, The Inspired Room:).  Take care,




8 thoughts on “Our Spring Porch – Love Your Home Challenge

  1. You have inspired me to update our front entrance and make it more welcoming! Your projects remind me what a difference small changes can make!

    1. Hi Kathy!!! Thanks so much for those kind words:). If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have this front porch to decorate:). Good luck with your front entrance, I am sure it will look beautiful, you guys have such a pretty house!!!

  2. Love the red….as long as you have to live with the red….if it were my home, which happens to be red, I would make friends with it and do more red. What I suggest to get more welcoming front entrance…paint in the same red, the planters and paint also the side light in red. It would open up the area and make your front stand out more. It’s only paint and you could change it later should you change the windows. Also paint red the upper planter box over the entrance area. Use red and WHITE plants in the planters and on the terraced area…for pop of color .

    1. Karen, Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my Spring Front Porch and to comment! I love your suggestion of painting the trim around the sidelight red! I honestly had never thought about doing that and if I didn’t have to work tonight I might have already started painting it:). We had talked about painting the upper window box red as well but I was nervous about painting it after Jason had spent all the time making it only to change my mind down the road:). I plan on adding some red geraniums in the future too. I loved all of your suggestions and I appreciate your encouragement to “make friends” with the red:). Hope you are having a beautiful spring day, take care, Tara

      1. Glad you liked the ideas…just consider painting the pots and window boxes red…you can always re paint later….take a picture as it is now…then draw in red in those suggested areas, take a look see to get an idea of how it will look…also make sure to add WHITE flowers amidst the red….it makes the red ones stand out and white garden flowers give night time prettiness ! Yes it’s a lovely day in Connecticut…after such a hard winter…you have a great day and SPRING as well!

        1. Karen, thank you again for your suggestions! I truly appreciate the time you spent reading and for your thoughtful comments. I am hoping to do some red painting this weekend:). I planted a few white Annabelle hydrangeas to the front of our house so I think they will be a great backdrop for some red flowers. Hope you are having a beautiful warm day up in Connecticut! It’s raining here today but we are suppose to hit almost 80 here tomorrow, I can’t wait! Take care, Tara

  3. Tara, I have been following your blog for the past month but don’t think I ever commented.

    I enjoy seeing your posts and ideas. I also follow The Inspired Room/Melissa but I have not purchased the book. After this post, I really am starting to believe I am missing out.

    1. Windi, Thank you so so much for your sweet words and for following along with my blog! As I said above in my post the Inspired room and Melissa have truly been an inspiration to me through the years and I would definitely encourage you to check out “Love the Home you Have,” even if you just flip through it at your local bookstore:). Have a great day! Take care, Tara

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