Our New Kitchen Faucet

Our New Kitchen Faucet

Soon after we moved in our kitchen faucet started to leak. ¬†Very, very, very slow at first and then the leak got faster and faster. So much faster that the water company called to let me know. Wasn’t that nice? ūüôā ¬†This was also a week after our hot water heater started to leak. ¬†Our water bill had rose 30% and the kind woman from the water department wanted to know if we knew we had such an amazing leak. ¬†Of course I did I hadn’t needed to fill my pots with water to pre-soak them any more the faucet quickly filled them for me ever night:). ¬†Here’s our old faucet for our Spring Home Tour.

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Our Home Tour

I was more than ready to replace the kitchen faucet and get a new one.  The faucet that was here was just basic and cheap and frankly plain ugly but it took that phone call to get us moving and I am so glad we did.

Our New Kitchen Faucet

Can you see the big difference the new faucet makes?  We have so many plans for this kitchen in the future and we wanted the faucet to match those changes.

Our New Kitchen Faucet

So we picked this beautiful chrome one. ¬†I love how pretty and tall it is and I think it will look perfect with the farmhouse sink I hope to have someday:). We found it on amazon. ¬†You can find it here (*affliate link: http://amzn.to/1GnMD1n. ¬†What can’t you find there?

Our New Kitchen Faucet

I added some fresh flowers from our garden to the vase at my sink. ¬†The peonies are almost done blooming in our garden but I had to bring a couple in. ¬†I just love how they smell:). ¬†Mmmmm…. ¬†I added some hosta flowers and yarrow to the arrangement too.

Our New Kitchen Faucet

Jason and I have so much planned for this kitchen. Taking down walls, painting cabinets, building new cabinets, an island and window seats, new counters and a tile back splash and hopefully a new oven.

Our New Kitchen Faucet

Very slowly this kitchen is getting a makeover and with our new faucet and pantry it’s off to great start:).

My Kitchen Pantry - Organizing in the Kitchen

Our New Kitchen Faucet

BTW, This isn’t the only new faucet in our old farmhouse. ¬†I will be sharing our new faucet in our powder room reveal later this week:). ¬†Yay!


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14 thoughts on “Our New Kitchen Faucet

  1. My plan is to have a white, double Peony bush planted by summer’s end – LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I enjoy your blogs! And, always appreciate you visiting over at my house!

    1. Susan, a double peony bush sounds delightful!!! They are definitely one of my favorite flowers. Thank you for your sweet comments. Have a great week and take care!

    1. I love your style so much Thistle, your sweet comments about my kitchen really mean a lot! Thanks so much for stopping by again! Have a great weekend and take care!

  2. That is a gorgeous faucet and how nice to have that lovely view. I love your home too. Thanks for the great tour!

    I have just started a new link up that has just gone live! I’d be honoured if you could join me at my very first Sundays Down Under link up!

    Best wishes for a great weekend,
    Natasha in Oz

    1. Natasha, Thank you so much for stopping by and for sweet comments about my kitchen faucet! Thanks so much for the invite to your link party! I will definitely be by to check it out!!! Have a great week and take care, Tara

  3. Tara, what a difference a faucet makes! I love all of the windows in your kitchen and I bet the peonies smell amazing. I’ve always wanted to grow my own but it’s just way too hot for them in Florida. Can’t wait to see the powder room reveal. CoCo

    1. Hey CoCo, Thanks so much for visiting again and for your sweet comments about my kitchen faucet! There is a sneak peak of our powder room up on my summer tour which I just posted today:). Sorry you can’t have peonies in Florida but you can have gardenias which smell just as amazing in my opinion:).

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