Our 4th of July – Patriotic Sign DIY

Patriotic Sign DIY

Happy Birthday America!  For this fourth of July we spent our day very similar to most Saturdays around here, doing house projects:).  We bought some trees for our yard (more on that to come:), Jason was busy remaking furniture (more on that to come too:)  and I was busy cleaning out our oldest son’s bedroom (he is at the shore with my family…. the only time to truly clean my kids rooms is when they are away) and making a Patriotic sign.

Patriotic Sign DIY

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Patriotic Sign DIY

Jason cut some MDF for me and I measured lines, traced star cookie cutters and penciled in a flag for it.  Notice how my lines aren’t exactly straight?  That’s why Jason does most of the cutting around here:).

Patriotic Sign DIY

I added red, white and blue craft paint while Jason watched Diners, Drive in’s and Dives (we FINALLY got cable:).

Patriotic Sign DIY

To make my sign a little different I added a picture of our first president, George Washington.  I was back and forth whether to put it vertically or horizontally.

Patriotic Sign DIY

Here is a link to the picture online.  I loved that the picture was an already an oval shape so all I did was cut it out.  I first tried to decoupage it but it just didn’t look right and the picture bubbled so I printed out another picture of GW and glued it on with Elmers glue.  Lastly I added some gold paint to finish it off.

Patriotic Sign DIY

We were blessed at the end of the day with something truly July 4th, fireworks in our yard!!!  We had been away the last 2 holidays so we didn’t know that we could see fireworks from our own house.  We had sent the kids to bed when soon after Ryan came running downstairs to tell us he could see fireworks from his bedroom window.  We ran back outside to see not one but two firworks shows on either sides of our house.  Woo Hoo:).

Patriotic Sign DIY

Patriotic Sign DIY

I hope you all had a safe and fun holiday weekend!  Feel free to pin this for next year:).


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To celebrate the 4th of July this year I created a DIY patriotic sign for our living room mantel! Stop by o see how o make one of your own! #diy #patriotic #4thofJuly #holidaycrafts http://lehmanlane.net

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18 thoughts on “Our 4th of July – Patriotic Sign DIY

  1. Great project, Tara! I love that you added the finishing touch of gold around the image. I’ve so enjoyed the patriotic projects I have done in honor of the 4th. There’s just something about the red, white, and blue that inspires me. Thanks for sharing your inspiration on Common Ground.

    1. Hi Faith! Thank you so much for your sweet comments about my patriotic sign and for stopping by! Hope you had a great holiday weekend!

    1. Hi Natasha, Thank you so much for your sweet comments about my 4th of July post and for visiting again:). Have a great week and take care!

  2. I really love this. I love that it’s unique and has a antique feel!
    Thanks for sharing your great posts at Something to Talk About.

    1. Hey Karen! So glad that you like my patriotic sign!!! Thanks so much for hosting something to talk about! I look forward to linking up every Monday morning:)

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