My New Kitchen Pantry – Kitchen Organization

SInce moving into our old farmhouse we finally have a pantry! It might be the smallest pantry ever but it organized! #kitchen #pantry #organization

For the first time since we moved in we have a pantry in the kitchen!!!  Yay!  I don’t have any before pics of it…just be thankful you can’t see or smell the before.  A day or two after we moved in my sweet girlfriend Elise helped me take down the colonial blue contact paper in an attempt to unpack things but sadly it was far from needing new contact paper!  The shelves were water damaged from who knows what and the kitchen pantry had definitely been visited by a few small four legged creatures coming up from the crawl space under it.  So all we did was plug the holes and close the door…until this past weekend.

kitchen desk with beam ceiling and hardwood floors

Our master bedroom is finally done and after a few failed craigslist trips to finish furnishing it we didn’t have any time left to start a new project so I asked Jason if he could help me finish the pantry.  He covered the walls with bead board and trimmed them out with some pine wood.  He added some melamine shelves we have left over from our old master closet which is now Tucker’s room.  Then we primed and painted everything white.  The project was free (woo hoo) because we were able to use scraps from the garage. Sadly, we had to buy a new water heater last week which took all and more of my new master bedroom rug and chair budget:(.  FYI: Oil water heaters are VERY expensive and only last 6-7 years.  We now have a new electric one as of last Tuesday night:).  Thank goodness for hot water!!!  I felt like I was camping in my house washing dishes with cold water and boiling water for baths.

My New Pantry - Getting Organized in the Kitchen

Our new kitchen pantry is perfect for helping me get more organized in our kitchen.  It holds many of my kitchen appliances.  The white wire shelves hold Moose‘s supplies and some vases for fresh flowers.

My Kitchen Pantry - Organizing in the Kitchen

I finally have all my pitchers, coffee carafes and water jugs together in one place.  I even have an empty shelf left over!

My New Pantry - Getting Organized in the Kitchen

It’s amazing how one very small closet can fit SO MUCH!  With the extra space I was also able to organize some of my other kitchen cabinets.  It’s like a whole new kitchen:).  I now have a pullout for my empty Ball Jars!

Our New Pantry - Kitchen Organization

Here’s another newly organized cabinet for my baking supplies and big plates and platters.

Our New Pantry - Kitchen Organization

My glasses and mug cabinet.

Our New Pantry - Kitchen Organization

The organization even moved into the dining room where I rearranged my dining room hutch.

Our New Pantry - Kitchen Organization

Our New Pantry - Dining Organization

I added some Japanese Pieris flowers from my yard to the glass jug ( which is an up-cycled apple juice bottle) on my dining table.  I was inspired by my blogging friend Karen who added some to an urn for her Spring coffee table.

Our New Pantry - Dining Organization

Aren’t they beautiful?  I had never thought to bring pieris flowers in before and I think I will every spring from now on!  Can you believe how one tiny kitchen pantry inspired so much organizing:).  I also filled two bags for the thrift store that I plan to donate later today.  It’s amazing how simple changes make such huge impacts!  Here’s hoping this spring organizing moves into some more rooms…like my laundry room to the left of this pic:).

Since moving into our old farmhouse we finally have a pantry! It might be the smallest pantry ever but it organized! #kitchen #pantry #organization

Thanks so much for stopping by to see our new kitchen pantry!


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We just might have the world's smallest kitchen pantry but it's organization! Stop by to see our new kitchen pantry in our very old farmhouse. #kitchen #pantry #organization

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    1. Thanks for checking out my new pantry Christine! I wasn’t that motivated before a couple weeks ago…you never know, you may get motivated yet:) Have a great rest of your week!

    1. Shannon thanks so much for your sweet words about our home!!! Organizing one room at a time is the best way to do it…We are slowly getting from one room to another here too:). Hope you are having a beautiful spring day!

    1. Hi Pamela, Thank you so for taking the time to stop by and see my new kitchen pantry and thank you for hosting Treasure Hunt Thursda:) Hope you have a great day take care, Tara

  1. Huge job, love electricians (and plumbers and carpenters) in the family. I only have a carpenter. Enjoyed reading/seeing your kitchen and your pantry – you got a LOT of stuff into that pantry.

    1. Hi Joy! I am very blessed to have a husband that can do most of the work:). Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you are having a beautiful spring day, take care, Tara

    1. Hi Gilly! Thanks so much for checking it out and thank you for your sweet words about my pantry! Best of luck if you decide to tackle yours! Have a great day, take care, Tara

  2. Your pantry looks great. Storing your small appliances in there is a great idea. I love those racks on the door. I have a bifold door to my pantry so. that’s not an option for me.

  3. First off let me just say how surprised I am that we have the same last name. Second – everything looks great! I really need to tackle my kitchen and you’ve given me the motivation to move that task to the top of my list.

    1. Hi Rosy! Wow, So glad to meet another Lehman:). Glad my little pantry could inspire you, Good luck with your kitchen! Have a great week, Tara

  4. Tara,
    Great organization within such a small space making a h u g e impact on your kitchen, dear one!!!
    I l o v e the fact that you are re~using material you already have before making purchases!!!
    DRATS. . .those hot water heaters are so~o~o essential, hoping your decorating budget comes shining through in another area of your life!!!
    Thanks for inspiring us all to de~clutter our cabinets!!!
    After all it is the Season of “Spring” Cleaning!!!

    1. Hi Pat! Thanks so much for stopping by to see my new pantry! We definitely hope nothing else breaks down for a while:). Have a beautiful rest of your week! Take care, Tara

    1. Hi Marty! Thanks so much for taking the time to see my new pantry:) and thanks so much for hosting Inspire Me! Hope you are enjoying a beautiful spring day! Tara

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