Master Bedroom Remodel, Renovation & Reveal

Master Bedroom Reveal - from our Farmhouse #masterbedroom #farmhousebedroom

Sharing all the details of our gorgeous Farmhouse DIY Master Bedroom Remodel, Renovation & Reveal ideas on a budget with before and after pictures.

We have been busy the last few weeks putting the finishing touches on our master bedroom, which we have been working on for a long time.

In the last few weeks since Jason finished the wide pine floors it has become such a retreat for us.  

I can’t even believe it’s the same bedroom!

Master Bedroom Remodel, Renovation & Reveal

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Sharing all the details of our gorgeous Farmhouse DIY Master Bedroom Remodel, Renovation & Reveal ideas on a budget with before and after pictures. #masterbedroom #masterbedroomdesign #diyprojects

Master Bedroom Before

Here is a picture of what it looked like soon after we moved in.  


Our master bedroom has a fireplace that works which we love & a private staircase which is awesome.

However, the sponge painted walls, wallpaper border & matching plaid curtains just isn’t our style.  

The first project in our master bedroom we did was to add custom his & her closets on either side of the fireplace.

The original master closet was a huge room (8×20) behind our fireplace.

Now in a perfect world we would be able to keep that closet…who wouldn’t want a gigantic closet!  

But we needed the old closet space to expand the boys bedrooms which adjoined the closet on the other side.  


The master bedroom was very large so we could certainly sacrifice the nooks on either side of the fireplace for closet space.  

We also took down the built in bookcase that was here.  

This was a hard decision for me because I love built in furniture but the TV cabinet was built for a tube TV & the bookcase had been built about two feet out from the wall leaving a lot of wasted space.

Adding Custom Master Closets to the Master Bedroom


Jason framed out the two closets & installed solid pine doors.

We have solid pine doors in the rest of the house & we found that we like the feel of a solid door & the soundproofing that they provide.

In our last house we replaced all the doors with the cheap, hollow doors but they felt cheap, looked cheap with the fake wood grain, and we heard the massive amounts of noise that kids make coming right through.  

The boys bedrooms are on the other side of these closets so the more soundproofing the better!

So…we took down the built in & added two closets to either side of the fireplace & transformed our old master closet into Tucker’s room.

Master bedroom Reveal

We also pulled down the wallpaper border, painted the sponge painted walls, trim & pulled up the very dirty off white carpet.

Adding Wide Pine Flooring to the Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Reveal

Jason installed and refinished our new wide pine floors & added newly painted white baseboard.

See all the details about our wide pine flooring here.

Master Bedroom Reveal

Can we just have a moment with my new floors…they are AMAZING!  And less than $1.50 a square foot…that’s cheaper than cheap wall to wall carpet installed…like you can even compare the two!

Farmhouse Master Bedroom Reveal

While he was finishing the floors I got to the fun part, decorating the room.

Master Bedroom Reveal

A few failed craigslist trips for a sofa & chairs, two outlet trips, & shopping for a rug on Ebay, here is our master bedroom.  

The white bedding & red shams are from Pottery Barn (by way of the PB outlet & Ebay.

I love the pop of red on the pillows!  

The tan quilt and fuzzy throw are Restoration Hardware bought on sale after Christmas.  

I reupholstered our headboard with a drop cloth from Lowes.  

Master Bedroom Reveal

To read about that, click here.

We moved the bed against the side wall to help open up the area in front of the fireplace more.  

It made the room feel so much cozier!  

The black mirror use to be on top of my wide dresser but it fits perfectly on top of the master bedroom fireplace mantel now.  

Master Bedroom Reveal

I love the pop of black to go with our fireplace screen & door knobs.

I brought in some white azalea flowers for the fireplace mantel & my nightstand.  

Aren’t they beautiful?

Master Bedroom Reveal

My favorite spot in our master bedroom is in the white Ikea chair in front the fireplace.  

I have been stalking Craigslist for weeks for a matching chair to save some money but so far nothing…

Master Bedroom Reveal

The second we put the kids to bed we are retreat to our bedroom rather than sit downstairs & stare at all the daily messes.  

Master Bedroom Reveal

It has been wonderful!  I plop right in my favorite chair & Jason hops up on the bed.

It is the perfect place to relax.

Fall Home Tour / Master bedroom Reveal

Thanks so much for taking the time to see our master bedroom remodel, renovation & reveal.

I hope this inspires you to make a few changes in your master bedroom!

by Tara Lehman

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  1. You have a lot to be proud of! What a fabulous makeover. The floors are beatiful and what a great price! I noticed the rug immediately- love the coloring and design on it. You scored on all the bedding and I can see all the labor you two put into it has been worth it. Next December that fireplace will really be enjoyed and you’ll love it even more! Congratulations on your new bedroom retreat!

    1. Hi Liz, Thank you so much for your sweet words about our master bedroom and for taking the time to visit and read my post! Have a great day, take care, Tara

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  2. Love how this turned out. The floors are gorgeous and I love that you have a fireplace in your bedroom…which is totally awesome!!

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  5. Tara, WWWWOOWWWW!!!! The new floors??? The fireplace area revamped? The fact that you made another room altogether out of this project? You guys are a great team. I love the major changes you made to your master, and also how you decorated it!! The chair by the fireplace is my absolute favorite, I would never leave there!! I love it all, what a gorgeous peaceful haven. I pinned this to the Best of the Nest highlights board. Hope you enjoy your refreshed space so much!

    1. Hi Lisa! I appreciate your sweet comments about my bedroom so much:). We really love our new space! Thank you for hosting the best of the nest and for pinning our bedroom..that was really kind:). Have a great weekend and take care, Tara

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