Master Bedroom Closets Part II…DIY Custom Closets on a Budget

Master Bedroom - custom closets on a budget

Today I wanted to share how the progress in our master bedroom is coming :).  A little while ago I shared the plan for our master bedroom and the beginning of our master bedroom closet progression. We are building 2 walk in closets on either side of the fireplace in our bedroom to replace the former master closet which we are turning in to a bedroom for our youngest.

Master Bedroom Closets- DIY Custom Closets on a Budget

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Here’s what our bedroom used to look like…

Master Bedroom Reveal - Before Picture Master Bedroom Reveal Before

We started by framing out the closets on either side of the fireplace:

Master Bedroom Before - building the closets

We decided to make the outside wall of the closets and fireplace a feature wall.  We utilized vertical trim to cover the joints in the drywall (saving us time and the mess of finishing drywall) and to give height to the room.

Custom Closets on a Budget - Master Bedroom Master Bedroom - Custom Closets on a Budget

We primed and painted the drywall and the wood we added to the fireplace wall.

Master Bedroom Reveal - Custom Closets on a Budget

Master Bedroom Reveal - Custom Closets on a Budget

Master Bedroom Reveal - Custom Closets on a Budget

We painted the fireplace wall Sherwin Williams bright white to match the rest of the trim in the house and we painted the walls of the bedroom Sherwin Williams kestrel white. It feels wonderful to have this room painted and mostly unpacked.  I can see this room soon becoming our own private retreat.  Since we moved in fourteen months ago it has felt like a staging area for Jason’s tools and boxes we didn’t know where to put :).  I am currently on the hunt for some curtain panels for the windows, a new ceiling fan, and a new duvet cover and pillows for our bed.  We also want to get a chaise or a love seat for the room.  Below is what the outside of our closet looks like now after we finished remodeling our master bedroom…(you can check out that reveal here)

Winter Home Tour - master bedroom and fireplace and bed

Inside the Closets…

For the inside of my closet Jason re-used a closet system that was in the existing master closet.  To dress it up a bit he trimmed this system out with 1x2s on the face of the shelving.  This makes what was a very cheap looking custom closet system look much substantial and higher end.

Master Bedroom - Custom Closets on a Budget

For Jason’s closet he re-used the plywood taken out from the built in shelving that was in the room. Jason’s closet will still have a pass through to kids side of the 2nd floor so he built in floor to ceiling shelving on one side of the closet.  On the other side he built in some shelving behind and upper and lower hanging bar.

Custom Closets on a Budget - building shelves Custom Closets on a Budget - building the shelves

Our master bedroom still has one more closet that we have not remodeled yet.  We hope to eventually make this closet into just a linen closet but for now it holds both Jason’s clothes and our bedding.

Master Bedroom - Custom Closets on a Budget Master Bedroom Reveal - Custom Closets on a Budget

Here’s what we hope to do next in our master bedroom…

We plan on puling up the old carpet and laying down hardwood floors on the whole second floor and adding baseboard molding.
Now that our closets are done Jason has started turning our former closet in our youngest’s bedroom. He took down most of the half walls from the closets and the room feels so much bigger!!! We ordered a big window for the back wall and Jason has started getting ready for a bead board ceiling.  Yay!!!  Keep checking back as the renovation continues :).


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