Fun & Easy Kids Nativity Game for Advent & Christmas

Kids Nativity Game for Advent

Sharing a Fun & Easy Nativity Game to Play with Kids from Pre-School to High School at Christmas or Advent, great Sunday School activity too!

I have done this nativity game with my kids elementary school classes & it has been really fun doing with my 3-5 year old Sunday school class at church. 

In celebration of advent you can wrap up your own nativity figures & open 1 a night up till Christmas or unwrap all in 1 sitting while explaining  the Christmas story.

I came up with this nativity activity based on the “What God’s wants for Christmas” one. 

Kids Nativity Game for Christmas & Advent

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Sharing a Fun & Easy Nativity Game to Play with Kids from Pre-School to High School at Christmas or Advent, great Sunday School activity too! #advent #christmas

Supplies Needed for a Kids Nativity Game

  • Nativity Figures (I recommend plastic or unbreakable ones) (Angels, Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the Shepard’s, Star etc.)
  • Tissue or Wrapping Paper
  • Mirror
  • Number Tags (I use Shipping labels tags)
Amram Shipping Tags Wired 4 3/4 Inch X 2 3/8 Inch 100 Tags Manila with Reinforced Eyelet

We have a beautiful nativity set by Fontanini.

The set comes with unbreakable figures that my mother in law, bought us for Christmas when Jason and I were first married.  

She would add figures every year till we had just about every character.

When Jason’s mom was a child her family didn’t have a lot of Christmas decorations or even a tree so the nativity was the most special decoration they had. 

I have cherished this set and plan on giving the same gift to my kids when they grow up and have a place of their own.

Kids Nativity Game for Advent

Step by Step Instructions for How to Play this Nativity Game

This year, my daughter, Audrey has 16 kids in her class & I wanted each kid to be able to open a present of their own. 

Step ONE – Wrap Up the Nativity Figures Based on How Many Kids are in the Class or Wrap All Up to Unwrap One a Night Till Christmas with Your Family

So I wrapped up 16 presents with some white tissue paper and shipping tags I had numbered to 1 to 16…

Kids Nativity Game for Advent

The first for the angel that told Mary she was going to have a baby…

Kids Nativity Game for Advent

& the last with a mirror to remind the kids that while God gave us the most amazing gift in sending his only Son to earth the only thing He wants for Christmas is for us to believe in Him and His love for us.

Kids Nativity Game for Advent
Kids Nativity Game for Advent

I also wrapped up a star, some shepherds, wise men, camels, sheep, a donkey, the innkeeper and his wife, and of course Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.

Kids Nativity Game for Advent

Step TWO – Ask the Kids for Help Telling the Christmas Story of Each Character Unwrapped

As each Character is unwrapped, you ask the kids to help identifying the characters as well as asking for help telling the Christmas story.

It is really is fun to hear what the kids think before giving away all the details of each character.

Kids Nativity Game for Advent

We brought our creche, innkeepers house & wise man’s tent to have the kids place the figures as they opened the presents one by one while Jason and I told them the story about a baby so important that He was sent to save the world over 2000 years ago.

by Tara Lehman

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Kids Nativity Game for Advent

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