How to Make a Pine Cone Wreath

How to Make a PineCone Wreath

Happy New Year everyone!   Here is a fun winter project for a cold dreary winter day, how to make a pine cone wreath.  Pine cones, we have a lot of pine cones in our yard.  A LOT!  I have been wanting to use some of them in my winter decorating so Tucker & I collected a bunch to make a wreath with. 

How to Make a Pine Cone Wreath:

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Ever wonder how to make a pine Cone Wreath? It's pretty simple & getting the pine cones wreath ready makes your house smell amazing in the wintertime!!! #pinecone #christmaswreath #diywreath #winterdecor


– a straw wreath form (any size you want), I used a 12 inch form like this one, (FloraCraft Straw Wreaths, 12-Inch Straw Wreath)
– green floral wire and wire cutter (Darice Paddle Wire, 22-Gauge, Green)
– pine cones (about 40-50) or 4 baking sheets worth to make this wreath(Gift Boutique 24 Pack Natural Pine Cones for Christmas Fall Thanksgiving Harvest Autumn Party Craft Accessory Decorations, 4 Winter Holiday Colors Red White Gold and Brown)
– glue gun and glue sticks
– white spray paint (I used Rustoleum)
– a plaid bow I (Large Christmas Bow, Red Green Christmas Decor Pack of 2)

Prep the Pine Cones:

I love the texture of the pine cones mixed with green evergreens and white.   Pine cones tend to have a lot of sap on them so wear gloves when working with them if you don’t want to wash the sap off your hands later.  You can buy pine cones from craft stores but its fun to collect them and bake them…its free and your house will smell sooo woodsy & wintery!!!

1) Collect your pine cones.
*For all of my local friends if you ever need pine cones stop by you don’t even have to call just come and get a few or a truck load… seriously you will be doing me and Jason a favor we live on an overgrown Christmas tree farm after all ;)…not really but we have 50+ evergreen trees on our property

How to Make a PineCone Wreath - washing pine cones

2) Wash your Pine cones
This gets a lot of the dirt and little critters off of the pine cones. Important especially if you are using any pine cones to decorate with or hang your wreath inside.
I filled my laundry sink with hot water and dish soap, swished the pine cones around and then let them soak for a few minutes and put them on an old towel to dry.

How to Make a Pine Cone Wreath - baking pine cones

3) Bake your Pine cones
Line cookie sheets with aluminum foil and bake at 200 degrees for 30 minutes.
Bonus…This will make your house smell delicious!!! Very Christmasy:) like a walk in an evergreen forest:)

How to Make a PineCone Wreath

Assemble Your Wreath

How to Make a PineCone Wreath

1) Lay your wreath on a flat  surface.  Add the inside layer of pine cones first glueing and twisting the wire (I cut the green wire about 10-12 inches long) around the wreath.  Make sure the pine cones can lay flat against the table (this ensures that your wreath will be flush against the wall).

How to Make a PineCone Wreath

2) Add the outside  layer of pine cones. Glue and wire them in also making sure not to go past the back of the straw wreath form.

How to Make a PineCone Wreath

3) Fill in with more pine cones going row after row working from the outside in.

How to Make a PineCone Wreath

4) Glue mini pine cones to any gaps that might be showing on the wreath form.


5) After the glue dries, lightly spray your wreath with white spray paint for a frosted look.

How to Make a PineCone Wreath
How to Make a PineCone Wreath
How to Make a PineCone Wreath

6) Add a bow if you want to make it more festive 🙂  You can use one of the many wires to hang up the wreath.

How to Make a PineCone Wreath
How to Make a PineCone Wreath

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