DIY Tree Stump Removal

DIY Tree Stump Removal -

When we moved into Lehman Lane our yard had a lot of large pine and spruce trees and big shrubs.  A Lot.  Pine trees had been planted around the periphery of the yard long ago for privacy.  Those periphery trees no longer provided privacy…they are huge 40-50 foot trees.  So another row of pines was planted and then another row of pines was planted.  Many people don’t think about what’s going to happen 20 years down the line when they are planting evergreen trees.  They are just thinking about the privacy they need now.

DIY Tree Stump Removal

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DIY Stump Removal

Over time these rows of trees crowd the yard significantly and crowd each other.  Only the tops of the trees remain green since the bottom half of the trees don’t get any sunlight.  If you are planting trees and shrubs it’s important to think about the mature size when planting and make sure that your landscape will still look good when maturity is reached.  Your future owners will thank you :).  Here’s an example of what the trees looked like underneath them during the time Jason was building our custom cedar privacy fence.  Isn’t that ugly?

DIY tree stump removal

Now with all the trees down we have a lot of ugly stumps.   Stumps that the kids trip over and stumps that the mower gets stuck on.  I’ve paid for a tree service to grind out a stump before and it was anywhere from 100-300 a stump depending on the size.  I went online to our local George’s Tool Rental and saw that I could rent a stump grinder for about $180 for a day.  Better yet I found out that if you rent it on a holiday weekend when the store is closed (like July 4th) you can get a special deal.  I picked it up Thursday afternoon and was able to keep it until Monday morning for the cost of one day!  Considering I had about 13 various size stumps to remove this sounded like a good deal.

DIY Tree Stump Removal -

When I picked it up I had to rent some loading ramps for $12 to roll it up in the truck bed.  It’s not something you can pick up :).  They’ll show you how to work it…it’s fairly simple…like starting a lawn mower.  To be safer you could wear safety googles when doing this :).

DIY Tree Stump Removal -

As you grind out the stump just let the grinder do the work moving it back and forth across the stump.  I grinded them to about 3-4 inches below the ground level.  All in all it took about 3 hours on Friday and 3 hours on Saturday to remove our 13 stumps.  2 of these were probably 18″ in diameter, 4-5 were 12″ in diameter, and 5-6 were 6″ in diameter.

DIY Tree Stump Removal -

Now you can plan your DIY tree stump removal project!  Below is a before and after picture of what our yard looks like now that we are done taking down the trees and grinding all those pesky stumps :).  *Another tip for removing a stump for your yard would be to cut it down below the soil line and cover it with dirt*

Stop by to see all the progress we made for our farmhouse fixer upper!

In a few more years the shrubs and trees we planted will start to give us more privacy again without taking away too much lawn space for our kids.


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If you have stumps scattered throughout your yard you might want to try grinding them yourself! Stop by to see how we removed the stumps from our yard and saved money #gardening #diy #budget gardening

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