DIY: Old Door Turned Coat Rack

DIY: Old Door itno Coat Rack

Since moving into our hundred year old  farmhouse 1 1/2 years ago no one ever knows where to put their coats!  Every time I walk in my front door I am stepping over coats and back packs and shoes.  It’s a shame we don’t have a coat closet…Oh wait we do:).  Even guests (whom I love dearly:) make a pile on the floor or on a chair.  It’s very strange.  I am going to confess that this drives me Bonkers!  I want everyone to feel completely welcome when they come over and not have them tripping over everything.  My solution: Hooks.

DIY: Old Door into a Coat Rack

We have had this old door from the very beginning.  Jason and I bought it at an antique shop in New Hope 14 years ago.  Jason first turned it into our headboard in our apartment and first house, the Town Traditional.  When we moved into our 2nd house, the Suburban Split we bought a  matching bedroom set so we didn’t need the headboard anymore.   Jason then turned our old door into a coat rack by adding  some old iron coat hooks to it to hang our towels and robes on.  Since we moved into our current home it has been sitting in the garage until this past weekend when we finally realized that we needed it in our entryway!  I am loving having it.  It is very sturdy and adds a ton of architectural interest to a wall that has been blank.  When guests come now they will know exactly where to hang their coats and I even made a sign to show them exactly where they go:).

DIY: Old Door into a Coat Rack

Here’s How to Turn an Old Door into a Coat Rack :

1) Find an old door:) or really any solid wood door.  One with horizontal panels looks nice when turned on it’s side.

2) Cut a 1×4 to the length of the door.  Make a 45 degree cut through the length of the 1×4.  This is what you will use to hang the door on the wall.  Attach one half of the 1×4 to the back of the door with the 45 degree angle down and moving away from the door.

DIY: Old door into a Coat Rack

3) Add some molding to the top and the sides and iron hooks to the front.

DIY: Old door into a Coat Rack

3) Add a Shelf to the top (we used oak).  You could use a nice stained piece of wood or paint it as well.

DIY: Old door into a Coat Rack

4) Attach the other half of the 1×4 to the wall where you would like to hang the door.  Make sure that you find the studs and screw this board into them.  The door itself is heavy and you’ll have the added weight of stuff hanging on it so you want to make sure it’s going to hold everything.  Once you have this in place and positioned correctly the door will simply hang with the 45 degree angles meeting.

DIY: Old door into a Coat Rack

DIY: Old Door into Coat Rack

DIY: Old Door into a Coat Rack

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out our old door turned coat rack!  Now I just have to find a solution for all the backpacks and shoes:).


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  1. Tara,
    You should have your own home improvement show on TV! Your instructions are clear, and your descriptions are very entertaining. Of course, I am biased.

    1. Jennifer, thanks so much for checking out our old door coat rack! I agree it would make a great back for an entryway bench. I wish we had room for a bench in that hallway… we are still trying to find room for one somewhere in our foyer:) Have a great day, Tara

  2. This is a great project and a great story about how this door traveled with you! I love it and thanks for linking up over at DIY Wall Art Hop and Linky party. I’m having so much fun with your site, beautiful stuff!

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