DIY Lattice to Hide An Ugly Wall

DIY lattice

The last few weeks we have been trying to improve the curb appeal oof our home. Tis week I am back to share how we created a DIY lattice to hide a REALLY ugly stone wall in the front our farmhouse. 

DIY Lattice to Hide an Ugly Wall

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We created this DIY lattice to hide an ugly cement wall on our front porch!

The wall under our front walkway had been hidden before by a few boxwood & hydrangea shrubs & we decided to transplanted them because they were blocking the view of our front door.

However…. the second we removed them… this very sad looking wall suddenly came into view!

DIY Lattice Supply List

  • Pressure Treated or Cedar Wood Boards (enough to cover your wall horizontally & vertically & a little extra wood to screw the boards into)
  • exterior screws & screw driver to screw the boards to the wall
  • Table saw to zip down the wood
  • Pin Nailer to finish nail the tops boards
DIY lattice

I am not sure why the cement wall was added or why they would cover up the brick wall behind it but the wall was starting to crumble and even the outlet was no longer attached. 

Soon after we moved in we attached a small trellis to the wall and planted a clematis in the hopes that it would trail along the trellis and hide the wall.

Unfortunately… the end our small trellis did little to hide our ugly wall…

DIY lattice

To Make a DIY Lattice to Cover an Ugly Wall

  • After taking down the old trellis Jason screwed in 2 more 1 x 2 strips into the wall for a total a 5 boards. 
  • Jason zipped down strips of 2 x 4’s down to go across the cement wall. 
  • We screwed the wood strips into the 5 boards with exterior screws. 

The strips did a great job hiding the wall but made it look very modern….def not the century old farmhouse look we were going for. 🙂

DIY lattice
  • To make the strips less modern & more like a farmhouse we added cedar boards left over from our cedar fence and cut them down to create a lattice. 
  • Since the cedar had been cut from making the fence over 2 years ago it had a nice aged patina to it.  We attached the cedar strips with our pin nailer.
DIY lattice
  • To finish it off we used cedar 1 x 4’s to give the DIY lattice a cleaner look.
DIY lattice

We love the look of the of our DIY lattice.  It really gives the front of our home more of an old farmhouse feel in my opinion & it helps to soften the look of the stone and siding.

DIY lattice

And… most importantly it hides our UGLY wall!

Diy lattice
DIY lattice

In order to create some Farmhouse Curb Appeal this is what we have been up to….

  • dig out and move the shrubs that are in bad spots in the front and place in better locations in the yard
  • add a tree, some evergreens and other small perennials to the front
  • hide the ugly short wall in the front
  • add more comfortable seating to the front porch
  • paint the entryway bench
  • change out the front light to one that isn’t as bird friendly and has more of a farmhouse feel
  • add more potted plants and porch decor
  • time permitting extend the front entrance by adding a pergola

As you can see from my list above that we aren’t quite done but I we are getting there.  Don’t forget to stop by my friends homes to see what they have been up to this week!!!


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  1. It looks very nice, but I REALLY loved the horizontal boards before you added the vertical ones. It matched the direction of the siding on the house and I think looked clean and crisp. Good job – it looks so much better.

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