DIY: How to Make a Cedar Flower Planter

DIY: How to Make a Cedar Planter

I had shared in our last post (about our Spring Front Porch) how I wished our front entrance had a little more curb appeal:).  The front door of our house is a little hidden and I have been trying to find ways to help it stand out.  I asked Jason to help me build a cedar flower planter for each side of our front door and a window box to help draw your eye to the front and add some color with some more flowers.

We had some cedar boards leftover from our cedar fence that Jason built.    Cedar is a great choice for outdoor planters because its bug resistant and weathers naturally and chemical free.  And in our case it was free which is awesome!!!  All Jason needed to buy was the exterior screws:).

DIY: How to Make a Cedar Planter

 DIY: How to Make a Cedar Flower Planter

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1) Find the wood and decide how big you want the planter to be.  Below is a picture of our cedar wood pile.  I was very excited to empty out 1/3 of this pile from one of my garden beds:).  It just wasn’t very pretty looking!  What else can we make with this cedar?:-)

DIY: How to Make a Cedar Planter

2) Create the bottom of the cedar planter with 3 boards and a thin strip screwed in at the ends to hold them together…the side you see will be the bottom

photo (28)

3) Make 4 sides with 3 boards layed next to each other and a piece of 1×3 at one end of the boards that overlaps each end by the thickness of the boards…in my case 1 inch

DIY: How to Make a Cedar Planter

4) Screw the first side onto the bottom of the cedar planter.

DIY: How to Make a Cedar Planter

5) Attach all 4 sides to the bottom and add another 1×3 trim around the top…I used my finish nailer to nail the trim pieces in place and then added a few screws to really hold it together

DIY: How to Make a Cedar Planter

6) Finish it off the cedar planter with another 1×3 on the top to cover the ends of the boards.

DIY: How to Make a Cedar Planter

DIY: How to Make a Cedar Planter

7) Put your plants inside.  I planted my hydrangeas in bigger plastic pots that I placed on top of a few scrap boards to have it be the right height for our new cedar flower planters.

DIY: How to Make a Cedar Planter

DIY: How to Make a Cedar Planter

Jason also made me a window box out of some cedar boards as well for the window above our front door:).  It’s basically a large rectangle.  I put a plastic window box inside of it along with some pink snapdragons, ivy and white bacopa.

DIY: How to Make a Cedar Planter

Our Spring Porch - Love your Home Challenge

I plan on painting our window box red as well as our sidelight window thanks to a great suggestion from a reader.  Please know I read and value every single one of your comments to Lehman Lane so please don’t feel shy about leaving one.  I would love to hear from you!  I am really trying to embrace our red windows more in order to love the home we have and I am excited to share more of the front of our house soon once everything starts to bloom:).   Hope you are all enjoying a beautiful Spring day!!!  Take care,


We moved our cedar flower planters down to our driveway where they flank our brick stairway.  I added roses to the planters this past spring and evergreens in the winter.

Curb appeal hop week 2 - landscaping the front

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Sharing how we built a cedar flower planter out of cedar scrap wood after building a fence. Stop by to see how we did it #planter #flowerplanter #diy


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22 thoughts on “DIY: How to Make a Cedar Flower Planter

  1. What a great project using the leftover cedar planks. I know we have a few cedar planters that are getting so old now, they will need to be replaced soon. Thanks for sharing at the Tuesday Garden Party.

    1. Shelly, thank you so much for stopping by & for hosting the Tuesday Garden Party! I love seeing everyone’s gardening projects on there:)

  2. wow that’s huge! It’s impressive and I bet it will look stunning when there are more blooms. I absolutely love the texture of that wood. great job! I saw you via the stone cottage adventures linky party and i’m glad I stumbled my way here 🙂

    1. Claire, I am so glad you stopped by!!! My husband worked hard on making them and I will let him know:) Hope you are having a beautiful day in the UK!!!

  3. This is a beautiful planter and will only get prettier as it ages. For awhile now I’ve been thinking of adding some window boxes to my house but never gave it a thought to make them out of cedar. You’ve totally put me in the mood to start doing some work outside now that spring in here!

    I’m cohosting a link party right now and would love if you’d share this with our readers. This is a quality project and I’m always looking for posts that will make a good feature 🙂 Have a great day!

    1. Jamie, Thank so much for stopping by and introducing yourself:). I just hopped over to your beautiful blog and it was so fun to see that you are in PA as well! I will definitely be sharing this project with your link party. Thanks so much for inviting me! Hope you are having a beautiful spring day!!!

    1. Hi Barbara! Thanks so much for coming to check out my cedar flower planter:). Thank you for hosting Share Your Style! Have a great day, take care, Tara

  4. What a pretty way to frame your door! Featured you at Be Inspired this morning. Thanks so much for sharing!

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