DIY Balloon Shade for our Powder Room

DIY Balloon Shade - bathroom window #ballonshade #diy #fabricshade

A few weeks ago I shared how I woke determined to makeover our powder room.  I chose this room mostly because of our bathroom window and whether or not to cover it.  I wanted to keep it curtain free and Jason wanted privacy :).  Well, long story short, he won and I made one, ha!   Today, I am sharing how I created a DIY Balloon Shade and I must confess that I appreciate the privacy and style it gives to our small bathroom!  I made it in less than 2 hours for Free which is the best part of this makeover.

DIY Balloon Shade for our Powder Room

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Powder Room Refresh - with pops of green - DIY balloon shade

I found this green French toile fabric over 15 years ago.  I bought it for a project that never happened but I loved the pattern so much that it has followed us from house to house to house :).

DIY Balloon Shade - French toile fabric for our bathroom window

My mom had helped me make a fabric shade for this same powder room a few years ago and while the shade was still in great shape I had taken it down because I wanted to brighten up our bathroom and I was no longer a fan of the pattern of the fabric.

DIY Balloon Shade - cutting fabric

I took down our previous fabric shade and started to work making a new one.  After measuring the window I cut the toile fabric I had into one big rectangle leaving a few inches on each side.

DIY Balloon Shade - sewing a hem

Using my sewing machine I sewed a hem around the perimeter of the fabric.

DIY Balloon Shade - sewing plastic rings

Next, I hand sewed plastic rings every 6 inches down the length of both sides of the toile.

Previously, Jason had measured the size of the window and cut a piece of scrap wood the width of the window by 2 inches wide.

DIY Balloon Shade - stapling fabric to scrap wood for bathroom window

Once the fabric was hemmed, I used my staple gun to attach the toile to the wood.

DIY Balloon Shade - powder room

Next, I hung the balloon shade to our powder room window.

DIY Balloon Shade - diaper pins

I nailed the wood to the top of the window and using diaper pins (yup, diaper pins) I pinned a few of the rings together to create a balloon effect to the curtain.

DIY Balloon Shade in powder room window

Because the toile fabric is white it really does keep our powder room bright and the added privacy is appreciated by everyone… even me ;).

DIY Balloon Shade - bathroom window, orchid

It also looks really pretty with all the green accents I added to the room :).

Powder Room Refresh - DIY Balloon Shade - window

My new DIY Balloon Shade was really easy to make and totally free!  I hope this inspires you to make one of your own!!!


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