Dining Room Makeover – I Love Bold Colors in the Dining Room

Dining Room Paint makeover

I like bold dining rooms. The dining room is the perfect room to add drama in my opinion.  In our first house the town traditional we had a barn red red dining room.  We stripped 3 layers of wall paper and applied  5 coats of paint to get the color just right:).  One huge lesson I learned is that when you buy a bold interior paint color go with a matte or flat paint….satin looks way too shiny!!!  I loved the red.  It felt so warm and inviting and looked perfect in summer, fall, and winter.  However, I never really liked the color in the spring…red isn’t really a great spring color.

Dining Room Makeover - lehmanlane.net

In our second house the suburban split our dining room had no wallpaper!  Yay!  After priming the walls to get the smoke smell out we painted it a deep forest green.  This room looked great most of the seasons of the year but with only one large window in the back it often felt dark and sleepy :).

Suburban Split- Lehman Lane

For our new house I was tempted to paint the dining room red again since I was missing the drama that our first dining room had. However Jason and decided to try a different color this time.  So we went with a neutral yet bold color… “Manor Brown” from Sherwin Williams.  I picked this particular brown because it is a cooler neutral brown and I thought the name sounded very regal;).
We also tried something new under the encouragement of my father in law.  We painted the wallpaper!!! :0  Gasp!!!!  I know I know you are not suppose to do that.  We never had before but this wallpaper had plaster walls that had started to crumble and were going to crumble more once we started pulling off at least two layers of wallpaper.  We weren’t ready for a big job like that we thought we might give this a shot.  It would only cost us about $50 to try this out and we could always re-drywall later.

Dining Room Makeover - Bold Colors - lehmanlane.net

This is a picture of what our dining room usually looks like…lots of laundry :).  I double checked to make sure no ones underwear is visible but don’t look too closely if I missed some ;).

So Jason patched the part that was crumbling and went over any visible wallpaper lines with some joint compound and we primed the dining room with a really good primer from Sherwin Williams.  We also painted below the chair rail white and made some of the bump outs look like columns.  We plan on adding more trim in the future but we were in a hurry last year to host thanksgiving dinner and the wallpaper was driving me nuts:).  For now I am embracing the gold accents.  Gold would not normally be my first choice but it really pops against the brown and looked great with my dollar store gold Christmas ornaments last year.  I hope to find a crystal or glass chandelier in the future and we want to sand down our dining table and chairs to a lighter stain and paint our hutch but those things will have to happen another day.  We still have a toddler sleeping in our closet:).  Here is our dining room as it looks today:)

Dining Room Makeover - lehmanlane.net DSC01560


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