Creating a Gallery Wall

How to create a gallery wall in the family room

I finally got my pictures organized and started a gallery wall. I wasn’t sure what room to put the pictures in first but we decided to start in the family room. I just love gallery walls! Hanging family photos is one of the best ways to make a house start feeling a lot more like a home.  It also gives new people coming over something to look at and helps avoid awkward silences… Not that that has ever happened at my house ;).

Creating a Gallery Wall

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Creating a Gallery Wall - Family photo collage for our Farmhouse

I am going to be honest I definitely was a little overwhelmed and didn’t know how I wanted to start until I spent a little time on Pinterest.  I have been pinning ideas of gallery wall ideas for years!

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I had been slow to start adding pictures to our walls because I wasn’t quite sure where to start a gallery wall but we decided that the family room felt right.  Here’s the bank wall we started with ( a few of these pics are before I had a real camera or knew anything about photography so please keep scrolling!)…

Creating a Gallery Wall

Once this room is filled we can move on to hallways and stairways:). Jason made a big L for me out of scrap lumber we had in the garage because you can’t just have pictures up, you have to add other pieces to add interest!

Creating a gallery wall - closeup of L

I also hung up one of my many baskets to keep loose pictures in for people to look at.  We started hanging pictures on one wall but quickly started going around the room:).

Creating a Gallery Wall - basket of photos and wooden picture frame
I started with one of my biggest frames and keep adding on from there including the “L” and my basket along the way. I didn’t worry about what pictures I had for the frames first I just hung what I thought looked the best one at a time. I then went back and ordered pictures for the frames that were empty. I decided to keep this gallery wall to just wood and painted black frames to keep it from getting too busy.  I had a lot of frames to start but the rest I picked up at home goods and Ikea. Jason also made a few for me as well. Having a lot of pictures up really makes me happy. It helps to remind our family of some great memories and happy times we’ve had together. I can’t wait to continue adding more frames in other rooms!

Creating a Gallery Wall - collage of family photos for our farmhouse

As you can see I have slowly been adding my gallery wall to the other walls in my family room and hope to continue adding to it:).

Our Family Room - Gallery Wall

Here’s a picture of what our gallery wall looks like now!

How to create a gallery wall in the family room

Thanks so much for stopping by to check out how we created our Gallery Wall!


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