Farmhouse Christmas Front Porch

Christmas Front Porch - red bench, white rockers, farmhouse

I have had so much fun decorating our farmhouse for Christmas this year.  Now that I have finished decorating the inside of our home and I couldn’t help but decorate our Christmas front porch this year.  This past spring, we made some changes to the curb appeal of our farmhouse and I am enjoying decorating it for the seasons even more now.

Farmhouse Christmas Front Porch #christmasporch

Christmas Front Porch

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Christmas Front Porch with Moose - farmhouse

Moose is so excited you are here today so he can say hello!!!

Christmas Front Porch - red door evergreen garland, white wreath, bintage sled

This year I attempted homemade evergreen garland for our front door and it wasn’t pretty :).  So much harder than the I thought it would be and I am so thankful I don’t have neighbors that say me struggling to hang it up.  Just a husband who kept looking out the window wondering what the heck I was doing.

Christmas Front Porch - farmhouse

At first he asked me to take it down but I think its either growing on him or he’s given up, ha!!!

Christmas Front Porch = evergreen garland, red door. red bench

I brought out 2 winter snowman pillows for our new white rockers.  I thought I might bring the rockers in for the winter but we still like to sit on them even in the cold.

Christmas Front Porch - white rocker, snowman pillow

I brought out my vintage tartan thermos and added some fresh magnolia leaves to it.

Christmas Front Porch - tartan thermos

I also brought out my vintage tartan lunch box to our entryway bench along with a fun car pillow I found on Amazon.

Christmas Front Porch - red bench, tartan lunch box, car pillow

We enjoy lots of fires in the winter and our front porch is a great spot to season the wood before we bring it in.

Christmas Front Porch - red bench, white rocker, front porch

I just love how our Christmas porch looks with our new pallet sign and all the red and plaid accents.

Christmas Front Porch - red bench, pallet sign. farmhouse light

Our faux poinsettia wreath really pops against our red door.

Farmhouse Christmas Home Tour - front porch, red door, white wreath

Christmas Front Porch - red bench, white rockers, farmhouse

My favorite part of our Christmas front porch is how it looks at night!  Candles and wreaths in the windows, white lights in the bushes and trees.

Christmas Front Porch - farmhouse at night, wreaths and candles in windows white lights

Thanks so much for stopping by our Christmas front porch!  I hope this inspires some of your Christmas porch decorating!  Merry Christmas,


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