Mail Order Beech Tree

Every morning after my cup of coffee I walk the kids down the driveway to wait for the bus and I check on my trees. 🙂 I love trees. I just get really excited about them. In my opinion trees make any landscape ten times better. They can make a property so much more dignified, welcoming, and cool :). Trees add character and year round interest. They give you something to look forward to. Did the tree grow last night, is it starting to bloom, does it need water? They clean the air and provide food and homes for wildlife. Creation truly is amazing. If I haven’t convinced you yet about trees than this isn’t the blog for you :).

Mail Order Beech Tree

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Mail order Beech Tree - in pot

Today my beech tree came!!!!! I have wanted to plant a beech tree here for over a year now. I think they are the most stately tree there is. There are a lot of different types of beech trees so I won’t go on about the different types but do your research and you can find one that is right for just about any landscape. But beech trees can be expensive…especially large beech trees. So I mail ordered a small European Beech from Forest Farm. This company has a great reputation for shipping quality healthy plants and they have a large inventory of plants and trees to chose from. Mail order plants and trees are a great way to get the plant or tree you want without breaking the bank! You just have to be patient. If we are honest with ourselves we probably all need a little more patience ;).

I chose the European beech because it has glossy green leaves and it turns a rich golden copper in autumn. I love the beautiful grey bark that beech trees have. It also will get quite large up to 90 feet but I have the perfect spot picked out so that it will hang over our outdoor fire pit and give us some of the much needed shade that our yard needs.

Mail Order Beech Tree

I have been so excited about it I have been checking the ups tracking app every couple hours to see where it was at :). Yes I just said I have been tacking my tree like a kid would be checking on his Christmas presents. Anyway it arrived today and looks healthy and happy! I know what your thinking….Wow… that is one…..Big Tree :). Don’t be dismayed by the size…this tree will grow! In the meantime it will give me something to look forward to every morning after my cup of coffee.

Tip: When I plant a tree I try and dig the widest hole possible. I dig the hole deep enough that the top of the tree or shrub root base is one to two inches above the rest of the soil around it.

Mail Order Beech Tree

I then back fill the dirt with a little compost I get from the township and try to get enough soil in he hole without compacting it too much.

Mail Order Beech Tree

I then put a small trench around the tree trunk and add 2 inches of compost on top of the dirt.

Mail Order Beech Tree

Then I water the tree deeply and keep watering it every day for the next week and every couple days after that. It’s important to check in with your young trees and make sure they look ok every day so you can fix any problems they might have immediately. Keep checking back to see how it and our other small trees grow 🙂


2 thoughts on “Mail Order Beech Tree

  1. I wish I had read this before we planted our tulip poplar that was free from the township. It looked not so great when we got it, but it looks like a dead stick in the ground now. Can I save it somehow?

    1. Hi Rae
      Send me a picture of your tree and I will let you know whether I think you can save it….although dead stick doesn’t sound good:). Tulip trees are great native trees. I love how fast they grow and the big yellow flowers they have in the spring. If your tree is dead you can always try and plant another one. This is a good time to get a discounted tree at Lowes and Home Depot (we just got 6 for less than $40) or you could wait till the next township free tree giveaway in the fall and try for another tulip poplar. Keep me posted on your tree. I would be happy to come over and help since we live so close:).
      Thanks, Tara

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