7 Things to Get your Garden Ready for Spring

Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

I don’t have any major room reveals or whole house tours for you today because I have been busy the last two weeks getting my garden ready for Spring!!! Yay!  This year with all the snow and cold weather I got started at least 2-3 weeks later than I usually did.  My March Garden to do list is quite long and with the exception of taking down big trees (that’s Jason’s job)…he hasn’t taught me how to use his chainsaw YET:).  While Jason’s busy with trees and mowing…I get the rest of our garden ready for Spring!

7 Things to Get My Garden Ready for Spring


7 Things I Do to Get My Garden Ready for Spring

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1) Cutting & Pruning

Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

I leave most of my pruning and cutting till early March.  This is when I cut down all the ornamental grasses, lirope, perennials (like hostas, daisies, sedum, lavendar, cone flowers, mums) to the ground.  I also pull off any left over flower buds on my hydrangea shrubs.  I clip my butterfly bushes down to a foot from the ground and saw off one or two old woody stems on my lilacs to help them bloom better.  I cut off any branches growing in towards the trunks on my trees while they are still sleeping.

2) Rake Everything Up

Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

Some of our trees still have a full set of leaves when the snow comes so there is a lot of leaves still left on the ground come spring.  We aren’t allowed to burn our lawn waste here so as soon as I can put out my yard waste trash can to be collected the first week of March my trash can is overflowing:).  I also like to rake out everything from the beds so I can mulch them up with the mower.

3) Raise the Soil’s PH.

7 Things to do to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring - fireplace ash

We have 2 fireplaces that we use pretty regularly for wood fires at our house so we have a lot of wood ash.  Even though we still have our fireplaces burning (it was 40 degrees yesterday:) I collect the fireplace ash and sprinkle it on our lawn.  The ash raises the PH of the soil to make it less acidic thanks to all those lovely pine trees.  You can use the ash to turn your hydrangeas more pink too!   The ash is not super fast acting to change the PH but its totally free!!!

4) Weed

Get Your Garden Ready for Spring - pulling weeds

Pretty much from March till November I pull weeds.  In the spring that means A LOT of onion grass & dandelions in my garden beds as well as my lawn.  My tool of choice is a dandelion puller.  If you don’t already have one go get one NOW!  They are not very expensive and are awesome and in my opinion the BEST tool for pulling out weeds with very long roots.  Here is a similar one you can find on Amazon, Hand Weeder

5) Plant

7 Things to do to get your garden ready for Spring - hydrangeas

My favorite part of gardening!  I made out this year at Lowes with their after Easter sales.  $1 hydrangeas!

7 Things to Get My Garden Ready for Spring

And $3 pots of spring  bulbs.

7 Things to Get My Garden Ready for Spring

I also picked up a 7 foot forsythia bush for $20.  Our new house does not have many plants and shrubs that bloom early so I have slowly been adding some.  I need those early spring signs here after a LONG winter!  To see more about finding cheap plants, click here.

Moose is especially very helpful for my planting.  He is great at digging holes I just need to teach him to put plants in the holes not his toys next:).

7 Things to Get My Garden Ready for Spring

6) Transplant & Divide

7 Things to Get My Garden Ready for Spring

Spring is the best time to move plants when they are little and just coming out of the ground or in the case of bushes and trees still dormant.  It’s also the perfect time to divide daffodil bulbs and hostas and any other plant you want more of.  It’s also FREE.

7) Mulch

Lastly when everything above is done I mulch.  To see where I get free mulch, click here.   I haven’t starting my mulching yet but I will pretty soon.  I can’t wait for everything to turn green and start blooming.  I hope to share a spring tour of our garden in the next few months so please keep checking back:).

7 Things to Do to get your garden ready for spring

7 Things to Do to get your garden ready for spring

Here are a few more picks of my favorite pictures from our Spring Garden last year.  To see more pictures of our home and garden check out our 1st tour of Lehman lane here.   Are y’all as excited as I am for Spring?


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Wondering how to get your garden ready for Spring? Here are the 7 things I do every year!

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8 thoughts on “7 Things to Get your Garden Ready for Spring

  1. Your yard is beautiful! I have started to clean mine up too when it’s not raining and have finally started to see some blooms!!
    I did not know about the fireplace ash on hydrangeas! What a great tip, we have 4 fireplaces and I need to clean a couple of them out so I will try it out 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh man…I need to reread this post and then DO what you say.. Inside the house? No prob. Outside? It’s a scary story. I SO badly want a nicely tended lawn-and who knows maybe a flowering plant or two! I have just killed so many plants and flowers that I’m gun shy to even try. We have boxwoods all around our house-thank goodness or the place would be bare.

    1. Ha! Heather, boxwoods are a good plant to have but I bet we can find you one more not to kill:). You ARE amazing inside the house…I was totally inspired by your last post about when not to decorate!!!

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