Tucker’s Room – Red Desk Redo

Tucker's red desk furniture redo #diydesk https://lehmanlane.net

It seems kind of funny that the first kid in our house to have a desk is in preschool but I suppose we have to start somewhere:). Lately, Jason has been busy refinishing furniture at our house (by far his favorite house project) first with Audrey’s 4 poster bed and now Tucker’s new red desk.

red desk

Tucker's red desk

We found this desk at our local thrift shop, Impact.  It was $30 and although a 4 year old really doesn’t have any homework yet we couldn’t leave without it.  It’s kind of a funky size halfway between a toddler desk and a grownup one but just perfect for Tucker.

Tucker's red desk

Jason sanded it down the top and roughed up the sides to get the desk ready to paint.  Tucker’s room already has a lot of wood with his new wide plank floors and his barn door so paint was a good option to add more color to the room.

Tucker's red desk

Despite trying to talk Tuck into painting it blue (we already had the paint from another project) he was dead set on RED, his favorite color:).

Tucker's red desk

So we spray painted it red and Jason shellacked and added polyurethane the top.

Tucker's red desk

Since the top of the desk gets the most use I didn’t think it made sense to paint it.  Jason cut down a chair we had in the attic to try and make it work with the desk.  The jury is still out on the chair (I think it still looks too big).   It’s functional and we can always use it in our older two boys rooms if they ever get a desk:).

Tucker's red desk

Tucker loves to color and draw so he was super excited to place the desk in his room.

Tucker's red desk

Tucker's red desk

We put it right next to his window seat so he can look out while he’s coloring!

Tucker's red desk

If you have never seen what Tucker’s room used to look like (hint, it’s used to be a closet:).  Believe it or not this was that same wall less than a year ago!  Check that out here.

om Closet to Kids Bedroom

Tucker's red desk

Tucker's red desk

We have since added our Diy Christmas card holder over his desk so that we can add his artwork to his room.

Our son's newly redone red desk adds so much character to his bedroom.

I do love the pop of red the desk gives the room and Tucker loves it which is all the matters.  What do you guys think?


Pin Red Desk Redo!!!

We found this old child's desk at the thrift store and refinished it for our son's room. At his request we painted it red after his favorite color!

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  1. Hi Tara!
    First off, your little boys’ room is so cute! I love the window seat. Congrats on the great thrift find and nicely done on the redo. If fits perfectly!
    Hope you are having a good day!
    Aspen Jay

    1. Hi Aspen Jay! Thank you so much for your sweet comments about my little guy’s room and for stopping by! Have a great weekend and take care:)

  2. What a darling room. It is sophisticated enough for him to grow with it, or it grow with him. Love the desk. It will be darling in there.

  3. Our son has this desk, too. Your desk would have originally had a roll top but that must have been removed at some time. You did a nice job in making this so usable and it is more useful in being able to spread out coloring books, etc. this way than with the roll top!

    1. Hi Dee! So fun to hear your son has the same desk! I had no idea it had a roll top originally. Thanks so much for your sweet comments and for stopping by. Take care, Tara

  4. Tara –

    I love how much charter your home has! I would have given my right arm to have bunk bed that were that awesome when I was a kid! And the little red desk is perfect! Tucker looks like he loves it too! Thanks for sharing your home with us!


    1. Cat thanks so much for your sweet comments about Tucker’s room! It has been a long process but I think he loves his new room and his new red desk:).

  5. What a handsome room for a handsome little boy. Tucker has great taste. I really like the red desk. I have always wanted a window seat. I never really had a view to motivate me to make one.

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet comments about my son’s room and for stopping by Trish!!! Have a great rest of your week and take care, Tara

  6. First things first, what an adorable room! Love the bead board on the ceiling. Painting the desk red was the perfect touch– that muted red color contrasts very nicely with the blue and white of the rest of the room. Visiting from Your Turn to Shine.

  7. I just ‘happened’ upon your site because of the ‘window in the closet room’. I’ve been looking at, and reading all your wonderful transformations. I love to see all the beautiful improvements; I only wish all this info was available years ago (when I was young and strong enough to do these things). Love to see young families like yours, working together, loving life, and making their homes ‘just the way they like it’. I’m looking forward to following your journey.

    1. Carol, thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site and for your incredibly sweet comments about our home. I appreciate your following along so much! Thank you, take care, Tara

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