Decorating Tips: Rightsizing the Coffee Table

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Our family room needed a new coffee table. The old coffee table worked great in our previous family room with a normal sized couch but now it was completely dwarfed by our huge new sofa and a much bigger room. The scale of these two pieces of furniture was completely off and driving me crazy!!!


We also needed more storage space after losing 2 toy closets we had in our previous home. I wanted a coffee table that would stand the test of time and last many years. So it needed to be strong. I also wanted one that was distressed so it would hide all the crayon marks and car tracks and water stains it was about to endure :). Jason was insistent that he would make a coffee table but when was he going to find time to make one :). So for almost a year now I had been looking for a coffee table that was just the right size (it had to be huge) and cheap (very cheap).


Finally I found this large awesome coffee table on Craigslist (one of my favorite online stores) made by the same company (restoration hardware) that our sofa is from. Swoon! And it was only a half hour away! This new coffee table had a very similar design to one I had been encouraging Jason to make but I knew it would be years before he got to it. The table also had a shelf for storage, was distressed, and was very strong!


This coffee table sells for $1595 on Restoration Hardware. The one we got on craigslist is 2 years old and was $225. WOW! Another side benefit of finding deals on craigslist is that often the seller is selling more than just that piece. We’ve often gone to pick something up and went home with more. On this occasions the man selling the coffee table was looking to get rid of tons of stuff. He threw in some free things like a huge terra cotta planter, a wooden bookcase (a diy project for later), an old scale, and our sons new basketball bank.

Tip: when finding a coffee table to fit the scale of your sofa try to find one that leaves about a foot of room on either side of the couch. Approximately 3/4 of the size of the sofa. An eight foot couch like ours needed a 6 foot coffee table. Also try to find a table that is a similar height as your sofa.

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