Paint Recessed Light Trim

Did you know you can spray paint recessed lights?!  Well I didn’t until a few weeks ago:).  We have a lot of recessed lights in our house. This is the first house where I have felt like I can actually see what I am doing.  In the last house we literally had one lamp in the living room and I always felt like I was siting in the dark:).  Our new house has a ton of “huge” recessed lights…black ones.  What’s wrong with white?  They are in every room but they are ugly….they look like mini space ships stuck in ceiling :).

How to Paint Recessed Light Trim -

We haven’t done anything to them because I thought if we changed them it would be costly and messy but I didn’t realize I could take out the black insert of the light and spray paint it white!   Whoo hoo!  They look so much better now:)!!!




For our living room lights all we had to so is pull out the black insert part, spray paint it, and pop it back in.  Easy!


For our family room recessed lights Jason had to use pliers to unhook a spring  that held the black part and the rim.  Then I sprayed painted them and we put them back in.


Just check out the difference!!!!

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