DIY Veggie Garden Backyard Ideas (Tips for How to Make)

We created a veggie garden out of raised beds for our farmhouse yard. It is so much fun to enjoy home grown vegetables off of our land! #homegrown #veggies #vegetables #raisedbeds #vegeatblegarden #potager

Sharing all of our tips & tricks for how to get started with a DIY veggie garden for the backyard with step by step instructions & pictures.

How to Make a DIY Veggie Garden for the Backyard

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Sharing all of our tips & tricks for how to get started with a DIY veggie garden for the backyard with step by step instructions & pictures. #veggiegarden #homegrown #diyprojects

For the first time since we moved into our farmhouse we have a veggie garden in our backyard. 

Our yard was mostly overgrown with dying evergreens and we have had to take down a lot of trees these last few years to make space for some raised gardening beds

Four years later, we finally have the time and energy to get this veggie garden started.

How Much Sun Do You Need to Start a Veggie Garden?

Our veggie garden is located in the sunniest and flattest spot in our yard, next to our new backyard home orchard.

I recommend locating you veggie garden where it will get the most sun in your backyard.

The flatter the yard, the better when laying out the DIY raised garden boxes.

STEP by Step Instructions for How to Make a DIY Veggie Garden

To build these raised gardening beds we picked up 6- 8 foot cedar boards from Lowes (like the ones we used to make our cedar fence)

Cedar wood is great because it is chemical free and naturally resists damage from wood destroying insects. 

It also turns a pretty weathered grey over time :).

*UPDATE* – We found that using cedar for our veggie garden beds was not the best idea since the wood only lasted a few years.

We redid the raised gardening beds HERE for our veggie garden out of pressure treated wood which will hopefully last more than a few years.

Step ONE – Creating the Raised Gardening Beds

Jason cut two of the cedar boards in half.  

Our New Veggie Garden - sawing the boards

We screwed the boards together with exterior screws to create two 4 by 8 foot raised garden beds.

Our New Veggie Garden - screwing the boards together

Step TWO – Fill the Raised Garden Beds with Soil

We have a spot in our yard where we have a large dirt pile of dirt we have been adding to as we have been working on the yard.

Our New Veggie Garden - dirt pile

Jason and I took turns filling the wheel barrel full of dirt to dump inside the raised gardening beds.

Our New Veggie Garden - filling raised beds with dirt

We leveled out the dirt and took out any rocks we found along the way.

Our New Veggie Garden - raised beds with leveled dirt

Step THREE – Add Manure or Compost to Enrich the Soil of Your Veggie Garden

We added cow manure to the dirt to make the soil more fertile for the veggies to grow.

Our New Veggie Garden - manure

Later, we added chicken manure from our backyard chickens to help enrich the soil in our veggie garden.

Step FOUR – Adding Vegetables & Fruit to the Veggie Garden

I was so excited about finally having a spot to grow vegetables. 

I wound up buying WAY more than we had room for, ha!

Our New Veggie Garden - wheel barrel of veggies

We will definitely need to add a few more raised beds in the future!!!

Our New Veggie Garden - kids helping

The kids helped me plant the veggies and herbs.

Once the herbs, vegetables & strawberry plants were added we added hardwood mulch to keep the weeds at bay.

What Vegetables & Fruits We Added to the Veggie Garden

In the end we added lettuce, broccoli, tomatoes, peppers, asparagus, rhubarb, brussel sprouts, leeks, carrots, strawberries and various herbs to the raised beds.

Our New Veggie Garden - raised beds

It was so much fun planting with them and see them so excited about vegetables.

Our New Veggie Garden - tomato in cage

Our younger two run out every morning to check out the progress of the plants. 

Below is our first strawberry! (see where we created a strawberry patch HERE)

Our New Veggie Garden- our first strawberry

It won’t be long now before the rest of these veggies are ready to harvest.

Our New Veggie Garden

After just 1 month our vegetable garden has really taken off and we have been enjoying all these home grown vegetables from our land!

Our New Veggie Garden
We created a veggie garden out of raised beds for our farmhouse yard.  It is so much fun to enjoy home grown vegetables off of our land! #homegrown #veggies #vegetables #raisedbeds #vegeatblegarden #potager

If you are thinking of adding a DIY veggie garden to your backyard, I hope this inspire you to give it a try!

by Tara Lehman

Our family has enjoyed our DIY Veggie Garden so much that we added two more beds to it (HERE) & a DIY Arbor (HERE)

We added a DIY Arbor & wire fencing to our raised garden beds. This DIY arbor was simple to build & brings a lot of character to our raised garden beds while the fencing helps keeps our chickens away from eating all the strawberries...And this project cost us less than $20 to build! #diyarbor #arbor #raisedgardenbeds #potagergarden

Don’t Forget to Pin our New Veggie Garden Bed to your Gardening Board!

We finally have a veggie garden for our old farmhouse! Stop by and see how we made it. #veggies #veggiegarden #raisedbeds #gardening

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  1. We made a similar garden at our home, but we had gophers!! They ate most of our veggies. This year we have to take all the dirt out of our planters and put thicker gopher wire. Love the garden you created.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by our to see our veggie garden! Sorry about the gophers eating your veggies, good luck with your garden this year!

  2. I love your veggie garden! It looks fab! I had one for a few years and it was so much fun. I will look forward to seeing it grow and grow!

  3. Our tomatoes and cukes are starting to fruit! Yippee…beans are up…it’s one of my favorite things about this time of year…all the new vegetable growth.

    Your garden looks fantastic!

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