Beautiful Master Bedroom Refresh with New King Size Bed & Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Farmhouse Master Bedroom Refresh - #farmhousebedroom

Sharing our farmhouse master bedroom refresh with a new king size bed, Decor ideas & a fireplace with pictures!

Beautiful Master Bedroom Refresh

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Sharing our farmhouse master bedroom refresh with a new king size bed, Decor ideas & a fireplace with pictures! #masterbedroom #farmhousebedroom

Well, it seems that we have come to the place in our farmhouse renovation where we are going back and refreshing rooms that we didn’t quite right the first time around, ha!

I am certain that this master bedroom refresh will be a never ending process but today, I am sharing the recent changes we made to our master bedroom & how it looks today.

Upholstered King Size Bed for our Master Bedroom Refresh

The main change we had wanted make for this master bedroom refresh was a new king size bed!

The older Jason & I get the more we realize how much all these home renovations have taken a toll on our bodies.

Farmhouse Master Bedroom Refresh - #farmhousebedroom

For years now, we have talked about upgrading our mattress to a king size one.

Many, many mornings we would wake up to a sore back & a crazy dog in our bed.

Farmhouse Master Bedroom Refresh - #farmhousebedroom

Using our Christmas money, we splurged on a new plus foam king size mattress and king headboard from Wayfair.

You can find the links to our new bed here and new memory foam mattress here.

I am absolutely loving our new king size bed & it truly seems like a luxury after sleeping on a queen mattress for a decade and a half now.

It makes the biggest statement in our master bedroom refresh.

Farmhouse Master Bedroom Refresh - #farmhousebedroom

Our new bed has a beautiful padded tan headboard that adds some much needed texture to our bedroom to contrast all of the hardwood.

Farmhouse Master Bedroom Refresh - #farmhousebedroom

It also gives a soft place to lean on heads on after a long day.

Farmhouse Master Bedroom Refresh - #farmhousebedroom

Linen Sheets for the Master Bedroom Refresh

Besides buying some king size linen sheets and a beautiful lumbar pillow from Target we are still using our old duvet cover.

Farmhouse Master Bedroom Refresh - #farmhousebedroom

The linen sheets are heavenly.

Never too hot or cold, no need to worry about the wrinkles!

The perfect luxury for our master bedroom refresh.

Farmhouse Master Bedroom Refresh - #farmhousebedroom

Glass Bedside Table Lamps for the Master Bedroom Refresh

I also found a pretty glass bedside table lamp from Target for $15 including the light bulb!

You can find the bedside lamp link here.

Farmhouse Master Bedroom Refresh - #farmhousebedroom

Fireplace Mantel in the Master Bedroom Refresh

We rearranged the room a bit to create a sitting area off to the side of the master bedroom fireplace.

Farmhouse Master Bedroom Refresh - #farmhousebedroom

Blackout Window Coverings for the Master Bedroom Refresh

I also broke down and FINALLY bought real window treatments for our windows for less than $10 each at Target.

You can find the link to our new tie up shade here.

They are black out lined and help keep the room dark when we are sleeping.

Farmhouse Master Bedroom Refresh - #farmhousebedroom

We still have more planned for this master bedroom…like getting a master bedroom door up one of these days I hope!

Farmhouse Master Bedroom Refresh - #farmhousebedroom

I hope our master bedroom refresh inspires you with ideas for the master bedroom in your home!

by Tara Lehman

If you missed what our master bedroom looked like before our master bedroom refresh… you will not believe the difference (see that here)

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  1. Tara, everything looks so pretty! I love your bedroom…the size is awesome and that fireplace is so pretty! What a great feature to have in your bedroom! Hugs!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by to check our master bedroom refresh Christina! The dresser set was bought at Lane furniture which after a quick search unfortunately looks like it out of business.

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